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Week Six: Read a Good Health Book.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Day 4 on my February goals. Goal two is to have a healthy breakfast. I did stretching after my Walk Away the Pounds DVD. I also read an inspirational quote today. I read a good health book, Flab to Fab: The Holistic Guide to Effortless Weight Loss by Vishal Morjaria on my Kindle Fire. Right now it’s free on Kindle. It was nice to be reminded of positive thoughts and how much of this healthy lifestyle is much about what is going on in my mind. Also it is a good reminder of having quality foods count as my calories, not just staying in the calorie range. It makes me feel good that I have bought a great deal of fruits and veggies.

The book talked about cleansing. I’m not sure about my feelings about detoxing and cleansing because I have seen some weird ideas that have been pure starvation and people avid believers of this unhealthy behavior. When I read this book his idea of cleansing was just eating basics but staying in a calorie range and just keeping it more bland to his basics; purified water, eating plant proteins, lentils, beans, leafy veggies, olive oil on salads, and cook with coconut oil. The only issue I have with the book is a few times he said for more information look at my website and the link was provided but when I went to the link it was about a benefit he was having and upcoming evening talks he was having with no resources like he said there would be. I wanted to know more about a few things and wasn’t able to look it up. This made me want to know more about him. After my small research on him, he is very qualified.

In all it has been a good read and sparked my interest in doing more things to help me in my healthier lifestyle and to form healthier habits.

My body seemed to be doing fairly okay today. I was still in pain and had to take it easy. I did get some exercise in however my goal was to do my Deep Water Aerobics class and my body putted out on me. It was frustrating. It is from very light duty and acting up. It’s a really good reminder that my body can’t handle being at the school all day, that my classroom is too hard on my back right now. If I can’t handle two hours at my clients home in very light work, I will not be able to handle a room of severely autistic and medically fragile children. I will see what the chiropractor says tomorrow.

Here is my updated challenge information for the week, for the fling into spring Challenge. Sorry challenge buddy I wasn’t able to do the water class to get points for it. I’m very disappointed in that but I did get in workouts.

Week 1: Feb. 2-8, 2014
Day 1: Task 1 [X], Task 2 [X], Sleep [X], Drink [X], Calories [X], Contact CB [X], Freggies [X] = 25/25 Pts.
Day 2: Task [X], Sleep [X], Drink [X], Calories [X], Contact CB [X], Freggies [X] = 50/50 Pts.
Day 3: Task 1 [0], Task 2 [X], Sleep [X], Drink [X], Calories [X], Contact CB [X], Freggies [X] = 15/45 Pts.
Day 4: Task [_], Sleep [_], Drink [_], Calories [_], Contact CB [_], Freggies [_] = _/55 Pts.
Day 5: Task 1 [_], Task 2 [_], Sleep [_], Drink [_], Calories [_], Contact CB [_], Freggies [_] = _/45 Total Pts.
Day 6: Task [_], Sleep [_], Drink [_], Calories [_], Contact CB [_], Freggies [_] = _/55 Pts.
Day 7: Task [_], Sleep [_], Drink [_], Calories [_], Contact CB [_], Freggies [_] = _/15 Pts.


Plans for tomorrow:
Aqua Class,
Acupuncture, and


Five things I'm grateful for:
1. Reading.
2. Reminders.
3. Volunteers and Volunteering.
4. Positive Thoughts.
5. Inspiration.
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