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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

I woke up this morning feeling revived. I got up and went to the washroom, looked at the scale (didn't gain much except 0.4 lbs) and was quite happy. I finished off the pizza this afternoon.

Still feel really bad about Saturday and Sunday with a friend. I haven't sent her a message - I figure she will contact me.

I went out to the store and bought some Get Well cards - one for her mother, one for her mother-in-law (both will be having surgeries before mid March), and one for her because she is going through all of this and she may end up having surgery if this treatment doesn't work. I dropped them off in her mail box this morning.

I talked to my mother this morning and my sister ... Mom is still in & out a lot. She is almost like a toddler in most things when she is living in her "past" ... it's hard to watch and listen to her. I wish I could take that away from her.

My sister is dealing with her mother-in-law who is in great body shape, but has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Her father-in-law has Alzheimer's as well but not as far along as my mother is. My sister also has a son that is autistic (high end) and running two businesses. I don't know how she can do all of this. She is a great inspiration to her husband and children and friends.

I really think the 88 year old lady that lives down the hall is loosing it. She called her car insurance company last week, and ended up calling again today - but this time had me call. As I listened on the phone (we had her on speaker on my phone), I knew what had to be done. I called up her son and told him what he had to get for the car insurance he needed. He was thankful. I went home.

Three times after that, one for opening a jar of jam, another to ask what to do with her kitty harness and leash, and another about a backpack. Then she wanted to give me money for helping her. (I didn't take any)....

Still feeling low and depressed too - just couldn't get the energy to get up and do proper exercise. I did eat this morning and at lunch, but I'm not hungry right now.

Had my health worker here today - I know I was agitated, but not as bad as she said I am! Today though I could feel myself shaking. I really had to concentrate to cut paper and peel a kiwi fruit. She didn't like the idea of me handling and using a sharp pearing knife. But i did it.

I hung out the bell full of bird seed -- haven't seen any birds yet. Maybe I bought the wrong one? With my luck, I wouldn't be surprised if I did buy the wrong type.

And another winter storm is due tonight. So far I'm hearing between 6 & 8 inches of snow. I didn't know we are now the snow belt of the province ... I thought it was the BANANA belt of Ontario
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    I wish I had a DVR to be able to record shows and fast forward through some of the commercials and the nonsense. I love Dr Oz and Dr Phil as well. I've learnt a lot from both of them. And many times I can't remember everything, so I go to the websites and re-read things.

    Thank you for adding me as a friend. I appreciate it. Thank you.
    1476 days ago
  • KATHY024
    Saw your blog title on the Dr. Oz site and thought I'd stop by.....You say your from Ontario....until about 13 years ago I was your neighbor to the south living in Minnesota. I can't even count the number of times I've heard...."Get Up And Go To Ontario" travel song on our radio and TV stations. And yes we did get up and go as we were great campers in all the state parks along Lake Superior and would often go up to Thunder Bay for lunch. Of course those were the days before all the terrorist business, when we didn't have to have passports along as we lived so close. Beautiful area!

    I'm currently living in the bay area of California near San Francisco. I love it here and don't miss the snow (OK, maybe the first snow of the season is still magical.)
    I do go back to Minnesota in the fall and visit, as that is my favorite time of the year..

    It is so hard to deal with the problems of aging sometimes. I watched a friend try and keep her mother from going down hill with Alzheimers. I have to give her a medal for how hard she worked at trying to keep her memory from slipping away. Shortly after being with her I read the book by Patty Regan "The Long Goodbye". That is so true and so sad. Don't we all wish to end our lives with dignity and grace.

    I have to say that I love the Dr. Oz show, I've gotten so much information from there. But, I could lose the silly games and demonstrations though. Generally I record it onto my DVR so I can skip some of that stuff.

    1477 days ago
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    ".;** .•*´¨ ) Victoria ¨( -:¦:- )
    *.•*¨-:¦:-. ;.•.. -:¦:- Doctor Oz Show Fans Team Leader

    1478 days ago
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