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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

emoticon I don't know about you my sparkling friends...but I'm always looking for the NEXT big adventure! Maybe it's because I just need that new juzzsh~ in my world. Or maybe it's because I have a short attention span and love to go to something new and unfamiliar.

I get all of this BEAUTIFUL vintage furniture in our consignment gallery. Stuff other places would easily turn away. But I see character in these pieces! Beyond that I think the whole premise of consignment is to save the world from more dump sites and to recycle, rethink, reuse and restore.

For a perfect example I have this FABULOUS cararrea MARBLE top dresser and 2 night stands that are the BOMB! They came from a very swanky penthouse apartment that was bigger than my whole house...over 10,000 sf on Gulfshore in Naples. That is right on the Gulf of Mexico and is where the creme de'la'creme live. When I went there someone had just bought the place and was in the process of ripping out GRANITE marble flooring! Let me tell you...you can't even GET marble as flooring anymore...I almost had a heart attack.

I asked the guy WHY he was pulling out such a luxurious product...and he said...well my wife just thinks it looks cold. Still grasping my heart...I said "Well you know...that's why they have area rugs!" emoticon

Seriously...this guy was destroying a priceless product ...10,000 SF of it...to put in laminate?? emoticon This is exactly WHY I say I live in the land of 'la la'... emoticon

People TRULY have more money than sense! You can't save granite either...if you could I would have been there with my mack truck. It shatters when you take it up...a sad, sad day for me! emoticon Call me sentimental...call me a throw back girl...but I LOVE vintage and I LOVE antiques. People who can't see the beauty and the craftsmanship in those items are CRACKED if you ask me! emoticon Okay we need a dunce cap emoticon! The puffed up chicken was the closest I could come.

Sooooo I'm going to become a CeCe Caldwell paint retailer. Chalk paint is the BOMB...gosh I've used the bomb... twice already in this blog...but it is...it is!

You can paint over ANYTHING as long as it is clean and you knock down really heavy shines like on laminate or something like that.

Can you imagine the areas this will open up for my beloved vintage pieces that people walk by and turn their noses up to? They will be 'CeCe beautified' and once more the belle of the ball! emoticon If only I could CeCe myself with a whole new look! emoticon

Imagine what I can do with THIS!

I'll paint it a nice cream color and then add some dark wax for a sheen and then distress the corners and a few other areas to give it a shabby chic look.

I have a pic of the marble top dresser somewhere..will have to dig it up. Since the marble is a white with black veining through it I'll paint it black and add some new hardware to jazz it up for a PERFECT console to hang a flat screen over. The night stands I'll probably paint out in black too just incase someone wants the set. You always have to be thinking ahead and trying to anticipate what your customers want and need.

Down here in FL small is good since so many are downsizing into condos, or they have a second home as a condo on the beach. There are still plenty of McMansions around too but the trend is to go smaller. I could sell small scale furniture all day long and as we know vintage IS small scale so if it's prettified...is that a word...it will go. emoticon

I've finally gotten my zipcode designation for my retail area sewed up... so now I feel comfortable in making such a large investment in my initial paint supply order. I can also sell online so that's perfect for my snowbird customers who hopefully will be so inspired by the workshops they take from me down here that they will go back and paint their oldies...but goodies back home too. I'll have to get an online shopping cart added on to my website and I want a blog capacity added on also. As you know...blogs are no problem for this blabber mouth! emoticon

I'm soooo proud of myself for sticking to my diet plan so well. It isn't hard..you are always SO stuffed with good whole foods that you just aren't tempted. Now last night for the first time I was thinking I wanted a little something more after dinner...I'm in the higher carb phase right now and carbs always make me want to eat more. But I was able to have a nice hot cup of peppermint tea and a big glass of water with lime and the cravings diminished and then went completely away. I haven't been tempted ONCE to have my nightly ritual of a single square of dark chocolate with sea salt. I allowed myself to have it as a reward for the days I acheived my 10,000 steps. Now I get my steps and the accomplishment of doing it is enough.

I've lost 10 pounds so far and am thinking I should repeat the 28 day cycle. I'm on the fence about this because of the cooking regimen. I still have 5 days to mull it over. If I don't repeat I'll go to Tasa Reno's Clean Eating which has always been effective for me.

It's a tough decision...I really, really want to lose another 50 pounds or so...I'm thinking...can you smell the smoke burning? emoticon emoticon

Have a super sparky day and take care of YOU...nice change now isn't it? emoticon
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    You are a really good writer!!!!!! emoticon
    1499 days ago
    Oh, wish I had that marble! Well, as for your new eating plan, you said you were always full, so why not do another cycle! In your other blog you said you were tired of cooking for it--can't you do most of it on one or 2 days? I'd rather eat the same thing for 4 days straight than cook something different every day.
    1500 days ago
    good for you! Like the new background!
    1500 days ago
    Good for you dear Sparkie friend .. a new adventure is perfect to feed your soul .. you've been feeding your body well .. now time to have your soul singing a new vibrant tune .. I would looooove to be at one of your workshops ..
    Have an amazing Wednesday .. so so proud of you for getting all of us started on this new bod journey .. you are doing fantastic !! What ever you decide your body will tell you what it likes and doesn't .. Take care talk later .. Donna
    1500 days ago
    Love your creative ideas bonnie, pianting on tables or older furniture to jazz it up. emoticon emoticon

    Too bad the granite tiles couldn't be saved..what were t hey thinking.!?!? emoticon


    1501 days ago
    I love your blogs and the descriptions where I can picture exactly what you saw. I would be crying as well over the granite but what can you do?!!!
    1501 days ago
    I love how creative you are! And the new paint sounds wonderful! As for the FMD, I will most likely repeat another cycle after this one. If I want, I can take a week or two off, and then repeat another 28 day cycle after that. I, too, had 60 lbs to lose - now only 52 - and I'm on day 17 as of tomorrow! Don't talk yourself into losing sight of what's working for you - just take a week or two off and get right back on! emoticon
    1501 days ago
    Your blogs overflow with energy and enthusiasm!
    And your talents show through all those photos you post.
    You are amazing my friend!

    1501 days ago
  • _RAEVEN_
    I LOVE that chalk paint. It is delicious;y sinful looking. emoticon

    I'm glad you're having so much success on your plan. emoticon
    1501 days ago
    Hi Bobbi Bear; emoticon
    Another great blog, You are so awesome I just love waking up each day to see what your going to do next. I really want to see the paint thing take off for you I'm looking around at my stuff wondering hum what can I re paint & make look totally new??? You are my inspiration. Way to go Girl..... emoticon
    All I can say about the diet is you'll know the next thing to do when the time is right for you. You are getting so clean & Clear on this diet I'd hate to see Your light get dull & diminished. You just keep going, do all you can to achieve Your personal best. You are awesome to say it mildly.
    Take care & Be well check back in tomorrow. emoticon

    Many Blessings Always Debby emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1501 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1501 days ago
    Thank you so much for sharing your joy here!
    1501 days ago
    emoticon Do you have the possibility of cooking extra each day and then freezing the extra as future meals? It could cut down the cooking requirements for a future cycle.
    1501 days ago
    1501 days ago
    Congrats on the 10 lbs! You'll know what is right for you to do as a follow-up. I am very impressed.

    I really like the paint project. You get materials you enjoy using and you get some additional compensation by being a distributor. Sounds WIN-WIN to me. I rather like the little table just as it is, but it would look nice a bit lighter.

    Keep smiling and may the force be with you!
    1501 days ago
    Wow the paiting you have planned sounds gorgeous! Mega congrats on the loss of ten lbs. That is amazing. Good luck in all you do.
    1501 days ago
    WooHoo!! Way to take care of you!!
    The painting sounds interesting! G'luck!!
    Keep up the great work on the food plan whatever one you do!! (((HUGS)))
    1501 days ago
    I'm looling forward to learning from you about the paint. You are so creative!

    It' seems like you can't go wrong with either choice you make in terms of your food plan as long as you are able to stick to it. I've lost 30 pounds since I got diagnosed....not because of chemo, but because I don't eat ANY processed foods anymore (well, maybe a bite once a week or so...but for all practical purposes...no processed foods). Clean, whole foods eating makes all the difference in the world. It took cancer to get me 100% on board with it, but you have done it on your own.

    You rock!
    1501 days ago
    1501 days ago
    You just keep on going!

    1501 days ago
  • MAGGIE101857
    Your mind is always working! The true sign of a creative person; you see the beauty in items people just want to toss! We have a houseful of Baker furniture and tons of other odds and ends in Michigan that we have to do something with; my creative mind wants to hold onto it and repurpose the majority of it; my other half wants to just get rid of it. He can't see the beauty in it; it's just stuff to him. I haven't given up the fight yet...I see the beautiful dining room table and chairs (re-upholstered) in my unused living room in front of the fireplace (have it on Pinterest)...dark caned headboards lightened up and turned into the benches with high backs....crystals from chandeliers turned into beautiful garden ornaments....lol
    1501 days ago
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