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Weigh in #2 and Weekend Food Blog

Monday, February 03, 2014

Ok, I’m just going to come out and say it….I am awesome, I rock, I killed it!!! Lol, why can it be so hard for us women to compliment themselves? Or even just take a compliment gracefully? Well I’m breaking the mold and I’m patting myself on the back and giving myself props for the hard work I put in and the determination that got me through this past week.

Weekend Food blog:

Pre-workout snack: I had ½ cup of puffin cereal with almond milk and my c4 pre-workout

Exercise: 1hr 15 min at the gym. 45 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength. I wanted to work out longer but my measly small amount of puffins I had before the workout were not getting me through very well. I was starving and had to cut it short. Forgot my HRM so no pic. Boooo!

Snack: I bought an almond coconut Kind bar (my fav!) at my gym on my way out since I had to hit up the grocery store afterwards and almost chocked on it when I realized it had cost me almost $4. Note to self: pack snacks in gym bag when I can’t head straight home.

Lunch: My Kind bar kept me full until lunch and I don’t know about you but I can eat breakfast food at any meal. Eggs with hot sauce, refried beans, sautéed spinach and two tortillas.

Dinner: Turkey burger on a pretzel croissant with cheese, spinach onions, overly crispy potato wedges, pickles and shared some edamame with Rich. He ate the pods at first since he’d never had it before, lol. He actually really liked it. Score for me!

Total Calories: 1782
Calories burned: -550
Net calories: 1232 (Woo hoo!)


Breakfast: Waffle Sunday has come to an abrupt end. Rich and I are both trying to eat less carbs so…eggs with spinach, kale and onions, turkey sausage with ketchp, 2 tortillas, an iced coffee and I split an orange with Rich (no pic of orange)

Snack: Double chocolate protein shake with frozen banana and almond milk. OMG! It tasted just like a chocolate shake from McD’s. Gold Standard whey protein, double chocolate is the way to go. First protein shake that doesn’t make me want to throw up a little, lol.

Lunch: I took Naan bread and topped it with left over refried beans and cheese with a side of roasted cauliflower.

Dinner: Rich kept talking about pizza and cheese fries and nachos and all the nasty food he wanted to eat for the Superbowl but since we were watching it by ourselves from home, I stood strong and made us a delicious and healthy dinner. Red peppers stuffed with quinoa and black beans and a side of cheesy eggplant. (Lots of veggies today, yay!)

Snack: pineapple

Exercise: none, this was my well-deserved rest day

Total Calories: 1852 (this was actually low for my high calorie day. I usually do up to 2200-2300)
Calories burned: 0
Net Calories: 1852

Weigh in #2 in 2014

Starting Weight: 233
Previous weight: 220.8
Current weight: 213.6 (-7.2) Uhm…holy mother! How, why, what…what???
Total Weight Loss: -19.4 (20 lbs loss here I come!)

Wow, that was incredibly unexpected. I mean I did work out 4 days at the gym and did yoga once but I have never lost 7 lbs in a week ever..never ever. Plus I was in the 2000-2100 calorie range every single day except for the weekend. I remember right when I was about to step on the scale I was praying that I at least lost a pound. One stinking pound is all I was hoping for so you can say I was utterly shocked when it showed I had lost over 7 lbs. I had to re-weigh myself just to make sure. Don’t really know how it happened or why but I’ll take it!

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