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Weekend/Life Recap + February Goals

Monday, February 03, 2014

So, one month down...already. As I get older, I think the time goes by quicker - anyone else notice this? I mean, we are already one month completely done with 2014. How quickly it has gone!

So a recap of the weekend, first. It snowed a lot on Friday, so at 1pm we were released from work for the day. Which was a good thing because it snowed a lot the rest of the day! I went home, put my pajamas on, and snuggled up with my dog for the night! I also made some gluten-free brownies (Betty Crocker out of the box). They were yummy when warm, but not so yummy when they cooled - just pop them in the microwave them and good to go! And then later for dinner I made gluten-free rotini pasta (Barilla now makes gluten-free pasta - rice and corn based) with a ground turkey meat sauce. It was yummy also, but be warmed - the gluten-free pasta doesnt taste as good when reheated the next day... Just saying.

Pretty much on Friday night I watched Amazon Instant Video until my modem died again (old modem) and then spent the night reading until I fell asleep. It was a very relaxing night!

On Saturday morning I woke up and decided against going to the gym. It was snowing pretty badly all day and I wanted to avoid going out if possible. Plus, I was feeling really tired. I worked on cutting some fabric for a bag I am making, did some laundry, and then at a little before 3pm I ventured out of my house (it had finally stopped snowing) and heading to JC Penney to get my hair trimmed and highlighted at their salon. I had never been to a JCP salon before, but I had a 20% off coupon for highlights so I figured I would give it a try. It was much better than I had actually anticipated. I really liked the stylist who did my hair and the two hours went by quickly. She did a really good job. I just got some blonde highlights put in to brighten up my hair, and she trimmed about an inch off. I am planning to keep my hair really long for a while. There was another stylist at the salon who was selling girl scout cookies for her daughter, and I couldnt pass them up (even though I shouldnt eat them and all) so I bought two boxes.

While I was waiting for my hair to be done, I was searching on my phone and found a website called "grub hub" where you can place an order for delivery from your favorite restaurants (if they participate). I saw that my favorite local sushi place had this option so I placed an order (very expensive) and I was so looking forward to getting my sushi, but my food never arrived and after waiting an hour, I finally called the website people and the restaurant was apparently closed because of the weather. Good thing I had planned to pay cash so I wasnt charged anything, but I was annoyed that no one bothered to say the restaurant was closed. They did give me $10 credit, though. But that was a bummer - I really wanted sushi! I spent the rest of the night watching tv and reading and then sleep.

I should have gone for a run on Sunday, but I decided to just take a rest weekend. The sides of my ankles/shins are feeling tight for about a week now on and off. I think this is a sign that its time to buy new running sneakers again. But I also hadnt run in a week and decided 11 miles after not runnng all week was a bad idea. Instead, I shoveled my driveway (about 6 inches of snow), and then went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for smoothies. When I came home I did more laundry and dishes, and some sewing for the bag I am making. Unfortunately, when I got to work on the handles, I realized I bought the wrong size of burlap webbing and I didnt feel like going back out to the store. So I cooked some food for the week instead. I made a paleo meatloaf with a side of veggies, and I made a paleo jamaican jerk chicken stirfry. I ate some of the meatloaf for dinner last night and it was really yummy. I have the stirfry for lunch today. It smelled good so I am hoping it will taste good, too! And then instead of watching the super bowl, I finished up watching the TV series I've been watching for the past 2 months on Netflix / Amazon Instant Video. I dont think I missed anything with the superbowl anyway. I have no real interest in football, though I will watch it if someone else turns it on. Plus, I got more than enough updates on Facebook.

I will admit, it was a little bit weird not to have super bowl plans, because the past 2 years I did. But I guess thats what happens when I am single again. So I guess now is a good time for a life recap... It's been a little over a month since J and I broke up. I am doing better than I thought I would be. I am not nearly as sad as I was a month ago. I still get sad occasionally, but I continue to be more angry than anything else. Angry that I left so many things in our relationship go when they upset me because I wanted the relationship to work. Angry that I spent 2 years in a relationship that ended up not going anywhere, and now I am having to start all over again. Angry that I had become dependent on the relationship. I dont know. I need to be less hard on myself. I still miss him, but last week while I was away and having a rough work week, I realized that he didnt make me feel better most of the time anyway. I guess a veil has been lifted... Anyway, I am accepting of moving on, but I am not ready to date again and probably wont be for a while. But in the meantime I am glad that I have other things in my life - running, dance classes, crafting group, work, etc.

Well, now that I've said all that, it's time to set some goals for February. I didnt set any in January, other than my goals for the year, because I really just needed to give myself a break for a month while I dealt with the breakup. I'm glad that I did because I didnt need the additional stress of being hard on myself more than I have been, but I am now about 2 lbs heavier than I was at the beginning of the year. My measurements are mostly the same except that my thighs and calves each went up .25 inches. Go figure. I guess I didnt do as much damage as I could have, but now it's time to get back on track and refocus again.

emoticon February Goals emoticon

Fitness Goals:
emoticon Run 3x per week

emoticon ST 3x per week

emoticon Yoga 3x per week

emoticon Bonus Goal: Complete the Princess Half Marathon in under 2:19
**this is a reach goal. I ran it in 2011 in 2:19, and I would like to beat that time. I think I have a 50/50 chance of accomplishing this.

Nutrition Goals:

emoticon Drink 6 glasses of water each day

emoticon Avg 1650 net calories / day at the end of each week (I think figuring out what the avg for the week is much more realistic for me - and I am lookin at net calories because I work out most days)

emoticon Try 1 new smoothie recipe each week

Personal Goals:

emoticon Read 5 books this month

emoticon Complete 2 sewing projects (dance bag and grandma's quilt)

emoticon Enjoy my birthday! (February 14)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love your goal setting. Best of luck for February!
    995 days ago
    Well thought out goals.I think you are a really accomplished young woman and when you are ready to date again any man would be more than lucky to have someone like you in his life. I find that often the most accomplished young women are hardest on themselves. My daughter has a masters degree from the London School of Economics and always did extremely well at anything she put her hand to ,while she is married to a fine young man now she often bemoaned the fact that she did not have suitors lined up I will tell you the same thing I told her ,you just need to meet the right person who is not afraid of an intelligent young woman and does not want to change you! Have a lovely birthday !
    996 days ago
    I love your goals! emoticon
    996 days ago
    sounds like a great relaxing weekend! Love the goals! I've got to get my blog done tonight with my Jan review and Feb goals! dang the days/weeks/months sure do fly by as we get older for sure!
    996 days ago
  • SIRIUS2014
    I love your goals. Variety, interesting. emoticon to the new you who will be ready for a new relationship. Race on to life's most important goals and if anyone catches up introduce yourself.
    996 days ago
    I am glad that you aren't feeling as sad and the veil is starting to lift. It is a long process and it sucks, but with time it gets easier.

    Love your goals! You've got this!!
    996 days ago
    emoticon Love your goals. Sounds like you've had a good weekend and done what worked for you. I don't knoew about your snow, but in my neighborhood it was about 5 inches of snow on top of an inch of heavy, wet slush. You had to dump the shovel about every 18 inches of walkway. Great workout, but took twice as long as usual.
    emoticon early!
    996 days ago
    Oh well in honor of your birthday, I'm taking the day off! No seriously, that's the start of my four day weekend that I have planned!

    I love that you are eating paleo and gluten free so much. I had no idea that there was a gluten free pasta but I'm going to be looking into that now. I try to stay away from pasta just because of empty carbs and so I've been cooking spaghetti squash when I have a craving for it. It's like a fraction of the calories and it *almost* satisfies that craving because I can put whatever normal sauce on it that I want.
    996 days ago
  • ROBYN168
    Great goals. All within reach. You can do it.
    996 days ago
    996 days ago
    Great goals, you can do this!
    996 days ago
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