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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Ten Random Things About Me

1. I have a bad habit of picking my cuticles
2. I have a crossbite as opposed to an overbite or underbite (it's an overbite on one side and an underbite on the other)
3. I've had minor arthritis in my left knee since I was four
4. I have had exacto blades pierce my body in two places - the bottom of my big toe (pulled it out myself) and between my left thumb and forefinger - both by accident of course
5. When I was a kid I used to design floor plans of houses with legos
6. When I was 16 I played a vampire in a home movie
7. If it's trendy I probably have an aversion to it
8. Unless it's really, really obvious, I have no idea if someone is flirting with me or not
9. I wouldn't mind making out with Chris Hemsworth just once, and I think phone sex with Antonio Banderas would probably be nice
10. I am really annoyed when my husband sticks his finger in my belly button, which I guess is his plan all along

♥Nine Ways To Win My Heart♥
2. Be funny
3. Don't be a bigot/racist/prejudiced
4. Do NOT be a hypocrite, either!
5. Love me for who I am without trying to change me
6. Be responsible
7. Be a little geeky!
8. Love dogs
9. Love exotic foods

*Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die*
1. go back to Ireland
2. take a train across Canada with hubby
3. take hubby to Disney World for his first time
4. visit Tahiti
5. see the north of France (Alsace)
6. buy a house
7. write a book
8. Be able to retire with $$$ in the bank

*Seven Ways To Annoy Me*
1. spell things wrong/use bad grammar
2. not learn from your own mistakes
3. small talk excessively
4. complain about stuff but never do anything to change it
5. have a victim mentality
6. tailgate me (one of these days I'm going to pretend to avoid a squirrel and slam on my brakes)
7. treat me like I'm an idiot

*6 "Celebrities" I Really Love* (Yes, celebrities is in quotes because you've probably never heard of most of these.)
1. Neil Degrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist - Dude, this man is my science crush. I love how he describes the universe. Intelligence mixed with social skills can be such a turn on!
2. Scott Johnson, podcaster - I listen to pretty much every show this man records. ( for show listings) He's funny, goofy and we share many interests. Almost all the shows are worksafe.
3. Stephen Colbert - he cracks me UP
4. Russell Peters, Comedian - very funny
5. Lil Bub - Cat YouTube celebrity - she is adorable
6. Alton Brown - because science

*Five Things I Am Afraid Of*
1. no one coming to my funeral
2. being in debt forever
3. falling from heights
4. Talking on the phone with strangers
5. my dog dying from something I could have prevented

*Four Turn Ons*
1. Accents
2. Beards
3. Humor
4. Hairy Chests

*Three Things I Do Everyday*
1. Come to Sparkpeople!
2. Hug and kiss my dog
3. Hug and kiss my hubby

*Two Things I Could Not Live Without*
1. internet
2. pizza

*One Person I Want To See*
1. My Mom
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    fun! maybe I'll do one next week. :)

    #10 on random 10 made me laugh my butt off. WHY do husbands like annoying us so much??????????

    my parents did the train trip across Canada for their anniversary one year! The photos were epic. DO EET!!

    I kiss Turtle Puppy on top of her fuzzy little head CONSTANTLY. Then I read on the internet somewhere when researching some training thing or other that "dogs don't like hugs and kisses" and I felt like a bad dog momma.... but it really doesn't seem to bother her so I've gone back to smooch smooch smooching. I think she gets what I mean by it - if I put my face right in her face she will lick me on my nose. ADORBS!!!!!!!

    Unrelated fun fact - for a short while I noticed she had started to smell like soup. Like the dry stuff in the Lipton Cup O Noodle packets. And I was all... .why does my dog smell like chicken soup??? (sidebar 1 - the internet has many answers if your dog smells like corn chips, but not if your dog smells like soup.) (sidebar 2 - Yes, there were MANY Katrina de Voort jokes made. I may have asked her to prom a couple times.) She no longer smells like soup. Factor that changed - switching from the "Buffalo" version of her food to "Pork". And back. So now you know. Pork based food makes small dogs smell like chicken soup. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

    as you were. ;)
    1495 days ago
    "8. Unless it's really, really obvious, I have no idea if someone is flirting with me or not "

    I know?! Right?!!!!!!


    Love the lists.
    1503 days ago
    SO wonderful to get to know more about you!! Yes, I'm still alive emoticon Took an unplanned vacay from SP, and am slowly coming back.
    1504 days ago
    fun stuff! (oh yeah--the bellybutton thing--me too) emoticon
    1504 days ago
    This was so interesting. thanks for sharing!
    1506 days ago
    No 8 is so me
    1506 days ago
    I also pick my cuticles and have a crossbite! emoticon Thanks for sharing a little of yourself, I have fun reading these!
    1506 days ago
    Love it. It's so nice to feel like we're all getting to know one another!!
    1506 days ago
    I made Lego floorplans too!

    If you do that cross-Canada trip, you need to come by to see me (even though the train doesn't quite come through Calgary :-(
    1506 days ago
  • _MOBII_
    I like your lists!
    1506 days ago
  • LJOYCE55
    That is a lot of lists.
    1506 days ago
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