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What "feels" good (2014 - Blog #31)

Friday, January 31, 2014

I have some food weakness... and a fresh baguette is one of them. I admit, when I get one, I nibble at it before I even get home. We have a joke at my house that a mouse lives in my car and always attacks the end of a baguette on the way home. emoticon

I have not bought a baguette for since about Christmas, so I was good with getting one today. But I was very very mindful about how much I would be nibbling today. So, I took off the end .. a small piece.. and I savored it like no ones business.

As I was savoring it, I thought about how good it feels when I can feel clothes hang on my body rather than tight. I thought about how good it feels when my body moves with ease rather than lumber. I thought about how good it feels when I know I am keeping fit rather than lazing away.

Something all those "feelings" have in common: THEY LAST ALL DAY LONG! When I do savor some food that really in the long run does me no good, the feeling of "good" is temporary. Actually by the second bite I have often already forgotten the first bite. The good feeling is fleeting. But feeling good about how my body actually feels is long term.

And THAT is worth working for. So, it was easy today to limit my nibbles to one nibble. I savored the feeling of a good taste.. and hours later I still feel good about the choice.

Have a splendid weekend.. feeling GREAT!

"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."
George S. Patton

MANTRA: Every opportunity is a choice. Every choice is an opportunity. (me)

PHOTO OF THE DAY: My mountain.. I am feeling it!
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