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Kickin' February's A$$

Friday, January 31, 2014

this is the last day of January.

I think it's time to begin the New Year's resolutions right?

So, today I did just that. My motivation for some reason was at an all time low. Like I followed the age old "I truly just don't have time" excuse. and I apologize to my Team Tangerine. For some reason I had it in my head we were still in "warmup" mode as the team is called "Winter Warmup" and didn't know we were in a game yet. I was all like "dang, this is a long pregame season" whoops.

But today I took the dogs out for a walk....individually (I have three)

then I did Hip Hop Day 1

I am so glad there is no one in the house to see me do this video. I'm sure I'll have a video for you to post on YouTube and laugh and laugh...Most of the moves I was like
At first I was frustrated but eventually said "just do this girl" So I did. My favorite move was called get busy and I actually felt like I was dancing and moving the abs on that one. But there's a move called "moster" I think that I just can't seem to grasp. You walk side to side, moving your hips as you go with one hand on chest and one to the side. I can't seem to move the hips and abs and walk at the same time...maybe I need gum.

anyway, now that I've done day 1 I'm in it. Even rest days I'm going to keep going because I know if I stop I'll stop for a long time. Youve all seen me do it. Heck I"VE seen me do it.

So..you may just see in my blog "hip hop day 2 done"

but it'll be done.

right? right.

the hardest challenge is I put the Spark Tracker to 10,000 steps. Even after taking the dogs on 3 separate walks and doing hip hop abs I am barely on half....whoa, this 10,000 steps is NO JOKE. but I don't want to take it back to 5000 per hubby's suggestion. After all, how can I get out of my comfort zone if I keep taking the easy way out?



I'm just going to do another run before the girls get home, clean house, and that should HOPEFULLY get me at 10,000 steps. You'll see on my feed if I get it with a goal getter award. OH and I will also be doing a 21 day fix with my bestie in PA. Im totally stoked on that one.

Pics and results to come soon. I know, a lot of "rambles" but time was a crunch and I want my 3 points.


I crack myself up.
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