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Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge -- Week 1

Friday, January 31, 2014


I won week 1 of our biggest loser weight loss challenge at work!
This means I won $10, or half of my “entry fee”. And am currently in the lead for overall weight loss percentage.
The end winner will be the winner with the biggest overall percentage of weight loss.

I felt like I had done a pretty good job keeping portions in check.
Exercise has always been my strong suite.
I am training for a half marathon (or 2) right now.
I do not follow the training plan to a T, I’ve introduced more cross-training, and been substituting that for one of the run days.

My biggest problem has always been the food component.
Pizza, cookies, wine, it all tastes so delicious! Don’t even get my started on mac & cheese.
I never bothered to measure a serving size & before I knew it I had eaten a whole box of mac & cheese by myself…
Only to find out that was really 3 servings & a nice little 1000 calories I had just scarfed.

So, with the weight loss challenge I joined at work my focus has been identifying portion sizes.
If I think a portion is way too small, I try eating that amount first, & waiting some time to see if I feel full or not.
Or add some broccoli, or a salad, or an apple, something filling, but lower in calories.
Apparently it’s been working!
I “lost” 7 lbs this week, or 4.27% of my bodyweight.

Now, let me explain. This isn’t 100% accurate.
Last Friday when I weighed in it was in the afternoon right after lunch.
Today I weighed in first thing this morning.
So some of that definitely was water/lunch weight.
But not all 7 lbs of it. So I KNOW I am doing something right!
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