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Reflections on my 90-day commitment to this calorie limit

Thursday, January 30, 2014

This commitment that I have made - to stay within my calorie range for 90 days is helping me to learn more about myself and losing weight.

There have been a number of times in the past week when I would have overeaten if it had not been for this commitment:
--I would have had a bowl of chips to nibble on in the evening.
--I would have joined my husband in snacking on ice cream -- again in the evening.

Instead, I ate nothing.

The past couple of nights were troublesome for me, and left me feeling tired and dragging during yesterday and today. In the past, I would have made up for that tired feeling by eating more food.
I didn't do that because of this commitment.

I also felt a little lightheaded at one point today, and had some concerns about what was going on. For sure, in the past, I would have eaten something to 'fix' that lightheadedness.

Today, instead, I did not abandon my calorie counting. Rather, I decided to sit down and have a glass of water and a cup of tea. I reminded myself that I had eaten a very good breakfast - and more food was not required. I calmed myself, and in a short time, the feeling passed.

This commitment is not the BIG ENORMOUS HUGE TASK that I anticipated it would be.
It is merely staying in the limits each day. No excuses, no reasons are enough to deviate from the day's goal. Those little deviations are what caused my past failures at losing weight. Instead of making an excuse (Siebold would tell me NO EXCUSES!!) I simply do what I planned to do. And it is as simple as that.

In the past three weeks, my scale has gone down consistently -- all because I did not allow myself any reason to exceed the calorie limit on any day -- no matter what!

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