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One, One, One! My thoughts on the book!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

First off I am giving full credit to anything that I may actually repeat from the book One, One, One by Rania Batayneh, MPH with Eve Adamson!

Here is a link on the book where I ordered it and where you can order it too:

What it looks like on the cover:

I emoticon This book! Obviously I finished it in a week and a day earlier than I set my mind to emoticon It is an easy read and she has some humor put into it- I laughed a couple times! It feels like she is talking to you personally and I love that... To top that off I had a couple questions for her and she replied to me on twitter:

I was considering doing the 1:1:1 accelerated which is more strict but still flexible in some ways... she told me to follow the diagram and if it took me to that one then that's the one for me. I told her it took me to the regular 1:1:1 so I am sticking to that for now. She said it will give balance to my diet and I will feel more satisfied without being deprived and she is right!

My question was about should I still have both my snacks if I have it out of schedule: I asked her about the snack because the order is Breakfast, Mid-morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack and Dinner... you are suppose to have a snack before your workout and eat afterwords but you could break it up like this: 1/2 breakfast before and 1/2 after or 1:1:1 snack and breakfast after. If working out in the evening you could eat half your dinner before and the other half when you are done but no snack after dinner. I did this yesterday and it worked out well!

She also recommended YogaGlo to me when I told her I was looking for a good 45 minute yoga workout because you also want to balance your workouts in even amounts throughout the week. My schedule is in the previous blog that I will try next week.

Needless to say she is one awesome lady!

I first read about her book in my magazine Womans World... Cover says "Better than Lap-Band" and you can eat what you want... with a strategy! I tried it from the magazine first and lost 3 pounds the first week I tried this. So I decided to buy this book! You basically go off the label of what food you buy. One serving of a Carb, Fat, and Protein at every meal and 1/2 a serving as a snack. 1:1:1!

The magazine might still be available in some places...

I have been trying to track everything in my tracker so if you want to see what I have been typically eating you should check it out :) you don't have to give anything and I mean ANYTHING up.(Unless prescribed by a doctor!) It's Awesome! I still had my occasional snickers, I had my cake and ate it too!!! two different days. I am down about 10 pounds now and I can't wait to keep going :)

She also tells you how to balance stress, Living in the real world, and eating out(you still order what you want)!

I recommend this book so highly! It is very inspirational and moving to me. It's simple and effective! There are some food lists you could use for ideas!

Her recipes look appetizing and I will let you know how they turn out when I try them!

Thanks for reading!

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