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Travelled for Work

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I havent been around SP recently (well, I'm still holding strong on my log-in streak for this year!) but I was mostly logging and spinning the wheel from my phone. I had to go out of town for my first work trip of the year, and it was a doozy!

I got to the Colorado Springs airport on Friday morning around 7am for my 9am flight. I always like to get to the airport early, especially when checking a bag. Unfortunately, once I got there I learned my flight had been delayed until around 11am :( This would mean that I would miss my connection in Denver at 10:30am, and they wouldnt put me on another flight to Denver so that I would make my connection. Frustrating but no point in getting mad, really. So I waited around - when it was time for my flight to board it didnt. Apparently the crew still had not arrived. They ended up putting me on a different flight to Denver, but couldnt do the "stand by" correctly, so although I got to Denver, my itinerary had apparently been cancelled since I never got on a flight. Customer service was really helpful, and they were able to print me out a new boarding pass for my flight from Denver to Great Falls rather quickly. BUT that flight wasnt leaving for seven hours. So, on Friday I spent 7 hours in the Denver airport. Thankfully there is free wifi there. I spent a lot of time alternating between watching Netflix on my iPad, and reading a book. What a long, boring day. :(

I finally landed in Great Falls at around 9:30pm, got my suitcase, picked up my rental car, and headed to Malmstrom AFB. No offense to anyone who lives in Great Falls, but it was a culture shock for sure. Everything seemed very old and desolate. And I was shocked by the sheer number of casinos and car dealerships! I knew I was in for a rough few days! My room was decent on base, and the bed was actually really comfortable. Thats good at least.

On Saturday morning I got up, headed to the commmissary to see if they had some gluten-free items I could pick up for breakfast but no. They did not even have a gluten-free section. :( I grabbed a snapple and hoped I wouldnt get too hungry. Then I went to a meeting for about 2 hours. Then another meeting briefly. Then I drove to a diner off base. I felt so sad. Even the diner didnt have any healthy options. I ended up getting a piece of grilled chicken on a bed of lettuce and it didnt taste good. And I was starving. I think I just kind of gave up at that point. I stopped at a sporting goods store to pick up some fuel for my long run because I forgot to pack my shot blocks or honey stinger chews. Then I went back to the base for a 2 hour meeting . And then another meeting for many hours. O my gosh I was exhausted at the end of the day! At some point I did stop at the commissary and pick up frozen fruit to make smoothies for breakfast though (I brought a blender with me).

Sunday morning I got up early - around 7am - and went to the gym and ran 10 miles on the treadmill. It was icy cold and snowing so I wasnt even going to attempt to run outside in a place I didnt even know. The run was actually really really good - even better than my 9 mile run the previous week. I felt great afterwards. Showered, made a smoothie, and then a meeting for a few hours. And then another meeting for even more hours. And then I needed a break. I drove to the Barnes & Noble and walked around and then picked up some not so healthy dinner. I spent the night trying to decompress and watched Netflix mostly.

Monday I attended a hearing all day from about 8am until 5pm. Then I met with my client until about 8pm. Another long day. And on Tuesday the hearing went from about 8am until 3:30pm. Met with my client briefly, got my things packed up, and tried to relax the rest of the night.

If you hadnt guessed - longest few days of my life! And seriously mentally draining! Montana was expecting a pretty bad snow storm starting Wednesday, and I was worried I was going to get stuck there, but that didnt happen. But what did happen when I got to the airport on Wednesday morning was that my itinerary was still cancelled from Friday! The customer service woman had to call and have someone reload my itinerary after checking that it was, in fact, paid for. Luckily, no issues. While waiting for my flight, I booked my dinner (and breakfast!) reservations at Disney World for my trip in 3 weeks! Excited! We are even having a character breakfast! Made it to Denver, and had a 2 hour layover before finally making it to Colorado Springs. I went straight from the airport to pick up my dog at boarding, which was much more expensive than I had expected, and then we headed home. I was so tired I couldnt wait to go to sleep last night, and then I didnt even sleep well! Go figure.

Back at work today - and swamped. We are expecting snow to start falling tonight and last until Saturday morning. I am legitimately hoping for a snow day tomorrow just so I can decompress for a few days! I havent worked out since my run on Sunday, but I do have dance class tonight so that is something. I also have no food in my house so I need to pick up some food at some point. I ate pretty crappy the past few days and nothing even sounds appetizing right now even though I am hungry.

One piece of good news though is that I was paying my bills this morning and I saw on my bank's website that I can monitor the estimate of the value for my home so I signed up and found out my house is estimating at more than I thought (and more than I owe!). It obviously doesnt take the place of an appraisal, but it's still good information to know! Not that I am selling my house RIGHT NOW, but that is good to know for next year when I will try to sell the house!

Ok gotta get back to focusing on work and finding food. I'll try to have a less stressed update tomorrow, but just wanted to let you all know I'm back and stressed :)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Although frustrating you seem to have nailed it with that run. Keep running!! Have some good alone time and untangle whats on your mind. I hope youre having a nice evening.
    1036 days ago
    What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. You just got in some fine strength training! emoticon
    1037 days ago
    what a l-o-n-g few days you had!

    the good news is you and your pup are home again!

    1037 days ago
  • SIRIUS2014
    I have to smile thinking about your character breakfast in DW. You certainly deserve it : ) Bet the doggie is so glad to see you. emoticon emoticon
    1037 days ago
    Woo Hoo to makin it thru it. Just thinking about DisneyWorld helps me destress! Awww - be here before you know it! Rest up!
    Glad you were able to keep Sparking and running(some). Have a much better and relaxing week. JDawg
    1037 days ago
    despite all of that stress - you managed to workout and eat as well as you could under the circumstances. Impressive!
    1037 days ago
    I hope you can relax with your dog.Gluten free can be challenging sometimes. I am glad things got sorted for you airport mix-ups can be frustrating.
    1038 days ago
    HI Raine !!

    WOWZERS GAL !! I lived in Denver last yr,, and LOVED IT TOATLLY ! I can NOT WAIT to go back !! SO MUCH easker than here in Maine,,, I just LOVE CO !! ur so FORTUNATE to live there !!! I DO NOT recommend ever moving to Maine,, yes, it's GOREOUS and ALWAYS greem or white ! LOL WHITE !! AS CAN BE !! We get so much more snow here then I saw in Denver. AND I LOVE that in CO the temps go UP and the snow MELTS !! WOOHOOO !!

    I got SOO CONFUSED the first time thru that aiport in Denver,, with the railways. OH MY !! but, than I GOT LOST ,, found my way ouyt and figured ALL IS WELL !! I ALSO had my CAT with me !! MEOW !! Flying to JFK,, for a layover of 4 hrs,, with Izzy who was NONE TO PLEASED, though she kept falling asleep,,, she was really good,, esp since she couldn't pee,, and did NOT go in her carrier,, good thing ! LOL I had it prepared, but that foolish airline carrier was 80.00 !!! Than flying into Portland ME,, and found out that in NY,, they had DISABLED my wheelchair,, ,and we could NOT figure it out for 45 mins !! So though I was back here,, I could NOT leave the airport ! OH MY !! Than we had to pay a cab 50 to go and take out the back seat,, and put my wheelchair in it (power chair). WHAT A NIGHT MARE !!

    So I can sympathize with ya hon !! This stuff ALWAYS happens when we fly. Its just a part of the "LOL Experience",,, and I had sat next to 2 female lovers on the way from Denver,, to JFK ,,,, a 6 hr flight, and they were TRYING to JUMP into each others CLOTHES !! OH MY GOODNESS !

    TY For the exercise done,, so GLAD it was one of ur highlights !!! And well come UP and VISIT Portland (ME that is, NOT OR),,, for it's VERY POPULAR here to be gluten free.
    1038 days ago
  • DBEAU57
    It's good to be home, isn't it? What do you do to decompress from the stress? Have you tried meditation? Hot, soaking bath? Chamomile tea? I suffered from stress for many, many years as a teacher, so I sympathize with your stressful life. Hang in there! And great job on keeping up your exercise!
    emoticon emoticon
    1038 days ago
    Hope you have a much calmer day today. Running 10 miles on a treadmill!!! My goodness! I feel good if I get a mile or two in. Awesome work!!
    1038 days ago
    What a crammed-full-busy few days you've had - you must be exhausted! Well done though for at least Trying to find healthy food and even going to the length of taking your blender with you to make smoothies - good effort! And 10 miles on the treadmill too! You should congratulate yourself on that for sure.

    Take it easy and don't expect too much of yourself when you've been working so hard and travelling. I think you're doing Really Well!
    1038 days ago
    1038 days ago
    Glad you're back and may get a bit of a break. I'm in Denver, so I can relate on the snow aspect. I have a corner house on a bus route, so I absolutely have to have somebody shovel the snow and it's been several years since anyone came around offering to do it for pay. I most likely will not be thrilled tomorrow morning when I try to get to work.

    Congrats on the 10 miles on the treadmill! emoticon Hang in there and keep up the good work and positive vibes! emoticon
    1038 days ago

    I can understand your stress seeing everything that is going on around you. Take a step and a day at a time. Woo Hoo on the ten miles that is super. Hope you can have a calmer day tomorrow.
    emoticon emoticon
    1038 days ago
    Time to relax with the dog! You have my admiration: running 10 miles on a treadmill. emoticon
    1038 days ago
    hope you had a calmer day
    1038 days ago
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