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Beck Day 20 - get back on track and February plan

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ah, what a fitting day to pick back up on!

A recap of the last 19 days of Beck:
1. Record the advantages of losing weight - I've set this up on my Start page under goals and am reviewing daily
2. Pick two reasonable diets - Paleo/South Beach combo
3. Eat sitting down - mostly, I'm doing's the eating while cooking or when starving that's the problem
4. Give yourself credit - I certainly don't do this enough
5. Eat slowly and mindfully - better when with people and there is conversation, not as good when I'm alone
6. Find a diet coach - SparkPeople!
7. Arrange your environment - there aren't really any snacks in the house to speak of, although I did make cookie dough last week - 1/2 is in the freezer and 1/2 in the fridge. I'm only baking a few cookies a day rather than an entire batch. But even that is too much. The sugar is unnecessary and never leaves me satisfied.
8. Create time and energy - this will never be 100% accomplished, but I'm working on getting up earlier in the mornings and keeping my house in order, eventually providing time to cook healthy meals, plan the week, exercise, etc.
9. Select an exercise plan - running. It's what I love and what I want to get back to. I'm not ready for it, though. I need to get the food under control. I keep putting it off, I know. I'm just not there.
10. Set a realistic goal - lose weight
11. Differentiate between hunger, desire and cravings - working on it
12. Practice hunger tolerance - good at work, bad at home
13. Overcome cravings - do we ever overcome them or just learn to say no? For me, it's about overcoming boredom, not cravings. I eat when I'm bored and when I'm home alone, I'm bored. There is only so much knitting and cleaning a person can do. I'm looking forward to springtime - I want to start projects in the house that I'll work on on my days off.
14. Plan for tomorrow - it's hard to plan when you don't have a fridge full of good food - I have to start buying foods that can be stored. Not ideal, but the fresh veggies just go bad too quickly.
15. Monitor your eating - doing it!!!
16. Prevent unplanned eating NO CHOICE mentality - don't give yourself the option. If you made a plan, stick to eat.
17. End overeating - stay within range, eat slowly so that you're satisfied with one serving
18. Change your definition of full - you feel better when you're not stuffed
19. Stop fooling yourself - it won't get you anywhere

Day 20 - get back on track

This is basically all about those days that you get up in the morning with a great plan, and something goes awry. Maybe a coworker brings donuts in, or bagels. Either way, you've already had breakfast, you're not even hungry, but you can't stop staring and kinda know you're going to slip. So let's say you go for it and have a donut. Usually, you'd decide that the day is now a bust, why bother? You'll start again tomorrow morning, right?

Then, you start to think...freebie day!!! Woo hoo!!! You realize you're going to recommit in the morning, so why the heck not get in all of those foods you've been craving for the last 2 weeks? You already start to drool over the fettucine alfredo you've been craving, maybe you'll get a pint of Haagen Dazs Butter Pecan for dessert and later, when you're tucked in bed, you'll indulge in those delicious, salty wavy Lays you've been good about avoiding.

This is where you need to S-T-O-P.
1) acknowledge your initial slip up - one little mistake won't make you gain weight
2) Recommit immediately - go back to your list of reasons for why you want to lose weight, visualize yourself on the scale in a few days and how amazing it'll feel to have lost weight, think about that outfit you've had your eye on, think about how you want to feel amazing in a pair of jeans instead of like a stuffed sausage...think about all of the hard work you've done to get where you are.
3) Draw a symbolic line - brush your teeth, take a shower - at this point you're recommitting. It's funny because I'll often do that...I'll make poor choices all morning, feel gross...take a shower and feel like a new person and somehow I am better the rest of the day. Usually.
4) Give yourself credit for stopping - give yourself some slack - you're a human, you make mistakes.
5) Watch out for feelings of failure or helplessness - remind yourself that it is *normal* to stray, it is *normal* to slip. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you because you slipped up. We see that all of the time, don't we? I've done it forever, too. Blogs about how we were doing so well and how we went overboard and what's wrong with us that we keep messing up like this? What has inevitably happened to me is I write those blogs...stay under the radar for a few days wallowing...gain a few pounds...come back with renewed fake energy only to decide that I can't do this all over again...and disappear for a few months, coming back with a 15-pound weight gain.
6) Continue to eat normally - just because you slip up, doesn't mean you should stop eating for the rest of the day in an attempt to make up for it. If you do that, you'll feel resentful and hungry later and will probably make poor choices again.

Create a Get Back on Track card now - remind yourself why it'll be worth it to get back on track. Once you regard your slips as just mistakes and decide to recommit immediately to your plan, the entire process will be easier.

It's looks like I'm going to be able to boast *only* a 3.1-pound weight loss this month. Ok, it is something to celebrate. I wasn't planning on 10 a month, but I'd like to lose more than that. I gave myself a chance this month to not restrict WHAT I eat, only how much. In February, I am going to give it a go again with carb restriction. I just want to see if there is a difference. I will absolutely NOT be fanatical about it. I'll just do the best that I can. I'm going to follow the Paleo diet for the month of February. I want to see how it makes me feel. I also know that it is good for fertility, so why not? I should get paid on Feb 3 or 4, so I'll immediately go food shopping. I already have my list prepared.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congratulations on the weight loss! You are not allowed to mention ice cream or Lays in the ame paragraph any more though. LOL. They are 2 of my problems.
    970 days ago
    Wow, you're really doing great! I love all those ideas, and you're really following through!

    A reminder that we always give on the Living Low Carb team, make sure you "read the book". :) Low carb is so counter-intuitive, you really have to educate yourself and have a strong support system in place. (I'll send you a team invite - no pressure, just thought you might enjoy it. We're a pretty lively bunch!)

    Here's to a great February! Seven weeks till Spring! Woohoo!
    972 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    I love Judith Beck. She has stayed slim for over 20 years with her plan.
    972 days ago
    Great do-able plan!
    972 days ago
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