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3 Shocking Things in the Past Week (if you need happy happy, this blog is not it)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I wrote about the first one last week, but going to repeat it.

Shocked me to find out that a male friend whom I hadn’t seen in a few weeks and is the very picture of health, worked his last day on Friday due to diagnosis of throat cancer. Turns out he’s always had bad acid reflux which can lead to all sorts of problems. The difficult part is that his mom was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of some type. He’s in his 40’s and she’s in early 60’s.

Then, I was in Target the other day and the manager was at the register ringing my stuff up. I asked about a lady I’d known there when she was a cashier and really connected with in my travels at the store. I don’t shop there often, but we had such nice conversations and great rapport. Again, this lady was the picture of health and nice as could be. Well, turns out she’s had chemo this past year for stage 3 breast cancer and was doing great from the treatment. But now is suffering with shingles. Yikes. She's out of work on disability. Miss her.

Finally, for the good news (not), is a male friend who lives in Los Angeles and was hit by a car when he went for a walk on his birthday and was left lying in the street. As he hollered for help, the female driver yelled out her window “F- you” and backed over him again purposely. She drove away and hasn’t been found. So, he was taken to the hospital for treatment of several injuries. As a result, contracted the MRSA virus which is often deadly. Doc said he was a couple of days away from having to amputate his leg. He has also been battling cancer for 3 years now, on top of everything else.

Am I thankful daily for good health? Yes, indeed! This past two pneumonias in 12 months resulted from a worn down immune system as a result of stress vulnerability. Prior to that, very healthy. And I am so thankful.

Wishing all a good day.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh my, what kind of a sick person would run over someone and then back up over them. Even worse that it's a stranger. I hope they find the woman who did it!

    Sorry to hear about your other friends too. It does make you grateful for the health you had before your two bouts of pneumonia. I hope you'll be back to normal soon. emoticon
    1485 days ago
    Oh my goodness...sending out good vibes into the universe for all of them.

    It's that kind of news that makes you want to hug your loved ones and be thankful for every day!
    1486 days ago
    Oh my goodness. That's a lot to take in. Take care of yourself!
    1486 days ago
  • SCOOTER4263
    Good Lord, what a mess! Especially that last guy - there's just nothing to say about that, that remotely approaches the right thing.

    Friendship, like love, is a risky business. The more you have, the more you may lose...but it's worth it. emoticon
    1486 days ago
    wow ... the last one sounds the worst.
    Sounds like a hit and run with attempted murder

    1486 days ago
    Thinking of your friends has made me realize that I'm very fortunate to still have my health, such as it is. emoticon
    1486 days ago
    Sending up prayers for all those people.

    I can't believe that woman who hit your friend with her car, wow! The words I have for what kind of person I think she is wouldn't be permitted here on Spark. I hope they catch her, she definitely should NOT be behind the wheel of a car, ever!

    I used to work in retail, but I had to stop working because of health issues. I had customers I always looked forward to seeing too, and felt a connection with. They are one of the few things I miss about that job. It does my heart good when I hear from one of my coworkers that every once in a while, one of those customers will ask about me.
    1486 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1486 days ago
    I'm sorry to hear about your friends. I lost many friends at a young age. A few relatives. At my age having sick relatives and friends and dying relatives and friends is the norm. Dying is part of the life cycle. It's one reason why we need to cherish and make the most of the time we have.
    1486 days ago
  • JLITT62
    Yikes! Those poor people.
    1486 days ago
    All the more for anyone enjoying relatively good health to savor and make the most of every day we have!

    1486 days ago
    emoticon emoticon You are well overdue for a run of good news about your friends and acquaintances.
    1486 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1486 days ago
  • VELVET_01
    So sorry to hear all this news. I'm inspired by your grateful attitude in the midst of it all.
    1486 days ago
    Such terrible events! I'm so sorry that people you know are going through such dreadful health issues.

    The woman who ran back over your friend deserves a special place in "you-know-where." I hope the police find her and quickly so that your friend at least receives justice.

    Please take good care of yourself. You know you can build your immune system to optimal levels by the choices you make.
    1486 days ago
    OMG Jess - lately I have been hearing of more and more diagnoses of Cancer ?? Has to be what we are consuming . I am so sorry . I am appalled by the driver yet not surprised at the behavior of people lately , like the wild west again ! No one adheres to any code of decency ?? I hope your friend is healing. That MRSA my cousin who resides your way also diagnosed with MRSA after hospital stay ?? Yep , I too am grateful to my health ! Hugs K emoticon
    1486 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/29/2014 10:08:38 AM
    You have a lot of sadness to deal with, I'm so sorry.

    Big emoticon
    1486 days ago
    Wow Jesse, I am so sorry to hear about these people. Your blog encouraged me to work all the harder to get healthy. This is a wake up call blog to me and an opportunity to let you know that a prayer has gone out for these friends.
    1486 days ago
    1486 days ago
  • NANCY-
    What can one say! It is difficult to find the positive with such nastiness surrounding you. But you have found some good in that you have survived not one but two pneumonias. You are one strong woman and you count your blessings when times get tough.
    1486 days ago
    Last week when I traveled a colleague of mine's wife told me to take good care of him. We were flying on a 7 seater and she was anxious for him. So we joked about how I would make sure he put on his life jacket and I be sure to save the cell phone. We returned safely on Thursday and on Friday morning his mother died. So in speaking to the wife to rearrange a business meeting - she commented, "I was worried about the wrong person" (referencing the mother's passing). So, these are real matters which affect people and make us acknowledge and appreciate important things.
    1486 days ago
    1486 days ago
    Prayers for you and all of your friends in the horrible situations they have found themselves. Very hard when so many loved (and even just LIKED) friends have major health challenges hit at the same time.
    1486 days ago
  • TIGER_LILY_613
    Goodness gracious ... Hopefully, the police will find that awful driver. What she did to your friend is terrible. Hoping your friends pull through their various health issues, they've got really heavy issues to grapple with.
    1486 days ago
    Wow, here you get over pneumonia twice with a weakened immune system and you see all of this happen in your world. You just are getting hit all over the place, aren't you?

    1486 days ago
    I feel like I don't even know what to say to all this. The whole story about your friend getting run over deliberately by an apparent stranger just makes me shake my head in wonder about what kind of person would do something like that.

    I hope each of your friends has lots of support. It helps a lot. I don't know what I would have done over the past five months without all the love and support around me.

    Thank you for supporting me, not only over the past five months, but over the past five years. Kind of hard to believe it's been that long!

    1486 days ago
    oh gee this is awful about all these people you know. Makes us appreciate what we do have is not as bad as what others have. My brother has cancer, and when I feel bad about the stroke I had in my eye due to a cataract surgery that left me with blurred vision like vaseline is smeared on it I do not feel so bad
    take care
    1486 days ago
    My goodness, I don't even know what to say! Prayers to all your friends, and to you too.
    1486 days ago
    sorry to hear about your friends, glad that you are better

    are you up early or not yet gone to bed....starting my day and its a long one
    1486 days ago
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