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Rawr, maintenance!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Slight change of plans today. Okay, pretty major change of plans. At 9:30 this morning I was curled up on the futon under my very warm blanket sleeping soundly when dh wakes me up. He looks very pitiful and says "Um, could you move over to the couch? The breaker blew and there's no power in my bedroom and it's cold in there." {He moved me to the couch cause he knew if he went to sleep on the couch I'd just wake him up when I woke up and wanted to use my laptop.} So I crawled out of my nice warm spot and curled up on the couch and went back to sleep.

When I woke up for the day, around noon, I looked around the house and said. "Well, poop." Cause, you see, the bathroom is on the same breaker as his bedroom. In other words, we have no light in the bathroom. And there's no window in there. Luckily we do have an Old Brooklyn Lantern that put out enough light to brush teeth and stuff. But obviously it was going to be necessary to call maintenance. Like, immediately, not in a few days when we get the house clean.

But that's a little misleading. By "immediately", I mean when we get the house clean... except cleaned at warp speed. So I started running around the house like a maniac cleaning. Then I wake dh up so he can help. He then tells me we are out of cat litter, and he was planning to pick some up Thursday on grocery day, but he wants to go ahead and change the litter before maintenance comes... so... out into 3 degree with a windchill of -21 degree weather to get cat litter.

What there was NOT time for was the gym. I wanted to get the house clean before regular maintenance hours were over so they might actually fix it tonight. But, because I had been lazy for a week, and because we're clutter bugs... that didn't happen. But I'm not too upset about missing the gym cause I got a pretty good workout running around like a mad woman and cleaning.

Finally we called, and he said he'd come look at it, but wasn't sure if he could do anything tonight. And of course, he can't do anything tonight. So that means I will have to sit here tomorrow waiting for him to show up to fix it, which could happen any time between 8 am and 4 pm. I REALLY hate dealing with maintenance!

Hopefully... since I will have to wake up early, just in case... hopefully he will come early, and then I will be free for the rest of the day. Also, hopefully he will come early because I need a shower and I refuse to shower by the light of an Old Brooklyn Lantern!

But now it is time to curl up under some blankets, read and wait for the State of the Union Address. Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!

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  • JO88BAKO
    Did they get you fixed? Hope so. It just crazy here!! I haven't left the house. Hope it melts tomorrow. I'll be looking for your blog tonight. Hugs
    1507 days ago
    I count cleaning as exercise too. I live with two slobs (hubby and son) throw in the equally slobby girlfriend who is here so much she might as well move in (she is a doll but can't she move her own trash...plastic cups and dishes from my coffee table) and three dogs!! No matter how much I clean, half an hour later it is a mess again. I don't mind cleaning, just hate picking up behind people able to move their own stuff. So count the cleaning as exercise. Sorry that you having problems with lights. Stay warm!! We got through all of our meetings yesterday so no need to go back today!! emoticon because it is freezing cold out there this morning. It is supposed to warm up by the end of the week so then I am getting over to the fitness center for a tour!! I would have stopped yesterday but my son's girlfriend was here all day with the dogs so I wanted to get home so she could do whatever. Plus I was tired and it was sooooooo cold!! And dang was I ever tired sitting all day listening to people yap on and in!!! I was glad to get home!!

    Hope you get your lights and heat back on soon!! Have a great Wednesday!!!

    1508 days ago
  • JO88BAKO
    Sounds like you got a work out running around the house, or at least burned some calories! We got freezing rain then sleet for hours. It is still sleeting and supposed to snow some in the night. We are getting more ice and sleet and less snow which is ok, but I don't like ice. We aren't going anywhere again tomorrow. By Thursday is should melt. Hope you get your problem fixed early in the morning so you can do what you want the rest of the day.
    1508 days ago
    Cleaning burns calories! =)

    It sucks you have to sit around waiting for maintenance, we have the option of just letting the guy come in when he wants, even when we're not home.
    1508 days ago
    Did you log your manic minutes house cleaning? I hope maintenance comes early and quickly fix your problem!
    1508 days ago
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