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Atkins Frozen Meal...I just don't get it

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sure this meal was not the worst thing I ever ate, but not the best either.
It didn't taste as salty as I expected either. The sausage was a tiny bit spicy.

But I would of rather of had a big salad instead. At least the salad ain't got "Resistant Maltodextrin" or "Disodium Guanylate". Heck I don't even know what they are.

Right now I am leaving to go get 2 MRI's, so I don't have time to look up ingredients.
guess the frozen meal was good enough when you're in a hurry.

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  • REJ7777
    I'm usually disappointed with frozen meals. But, as you write, they will do in a pinch. I'm happier when I find something that I've prepared and frozen myself in the freezer!
    1512 days ago
    I like making big batches of food and freezing individual portions, if we have leftovers. Makes meals easier to deal with later.
    1513 days ago
    emoticon I've never eaten Atkins products, but have tried other ones. Not tasty & you wonder about the ingredients. Home cooked food is the best.
    1513 days ago
  • ADZY86
    Yuck! I like the idea someone else said of just making your own food when you find you have hours of spare time and freezing it for another day. I sometimes make big batches of crustless quiche, cut them into portions and freeze them. Even if I know I'll have time to make something from scratch the next day. I just know that, if I ever find myself really short on time, I can easily grab one piece, warm it up in the microwave, steam some greens and voila! I have a meal in less than 10 minutes, the time it would be take to heat up one of those non-descript ready meals!
    1513 days ago
  • LKG9999
    I don't mind the powdered high-protein soups I have been having for lunch, but frozen meals are generally very unappetizing to me. I've learned to make a few fast dinners with fresh ingredients that I enjoy much more.
    1514 days ago
    I don't eat frozen meals ever for that very reason. Anything I can make is better than what I can buy in the freezer section.
    1514 days ago
    1514 days ago
  • -LINDA_S
    Yeah, you'd think if they're gonna freeze stuff, you wouldn't need a bunch of additives, but I guess they think there are reasons, maybe making it more "palatable". I do some frozen veggie combos from Trader Joe's on occasion, but I read the labels carefully!
    1514 days ago
    I've never tried them, but i've heard that the Atkins meals are pretty much what you said - meh. Neither here nor there. There are certainly worse things you could eat, but definitely better.
    1514 days ago
    I agree with putting up our own frozen meals! Right now i am only on soups, but I can start freezing other things as well for emergencies.
    1514 days ago
  • GGMOM06
    all chemicals mostly and junk we don't need ! Eat clean , foods that have only 1-3 ingred. I agree make your own frozen meals if possible low carb, low sodium and low/no sugar . When they take out 1 thing they put in 10 others we have no idea ( without research ) what they are or what they could do for or against us . Most flavor enhancers are MSG or derivative from what i have read . They all need processing and processing isn't always good for us .
    1515 days ago
    I'd rather eat fruit and a granola bar when I'm in a hurry. Salads are yummy, but sometimes take time to prepare.
    1515 days ago
    Disodium Guanylate is a natural salt derived from Guanosine Monophosphate (GMP). This ingredient is produced from dried fish, yeast extract, or dried seaweed. It produces an odorless, colorless, white crystal or crystalline powder that is soluble in water.

    Disodium Guanylate is used as a flavor enhancer in food. It can give a meaty flavor to food and is often used in vegetarian dishes. The use of disodium guanalyte may also result in the reduction of MSG added to foods. It is commonly used in seasonings, sauces, and soups as well as packaged noodles or rice mixes. It is also used as an ingredient in fast food products or mixed on its own as a flavor enhancer to foods that have naturally high glutamate content.

    Health Benefits
    Disodium guanalyte is considered somewhat benign as an additive. There are claims that it helps in the maintenance of the body’s water balance, prevention of muscle cramps, regulation of body fluids, and in maintaining the body’s glucose balance. It is also known to help in the prevention of sun stroke, regulation of brain function, maintenance of acid-base balance, and the making way for a healthy heart.

    Health Concerns
    Excess consumption of this salt can result in higher blood pressure and swelling of the nerves in the brain. People suffering from gout and/or asthma should avoid this ingredient.
    1515 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/28/2014 4:08:45 PM
    In a hurry is the **only** time to eat a frozen dinner. I'm going to go check the Kashi steam dinners I have sitting in my freezer to check the list of ingredients right now!
    1515 days ago
    frozen meals are good for when you only have a short time to eat between other things and you don't want fast food on the road. i find i can zap some veggies in the same amount of time, and they taste better.
    1515 days ago
  • ALICIA214

    We do better to make our own frozen meals that way we know what is in them and we can control the portion size too..

    1515 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    I will take some tuna in water and a huge salad any day over that alien food!
    1515 days ago
  • CHERIJ16
    Frozen meals are good for portion control but I don't like all the other stuff they put in them either.
    1515 days ago
  • --DEBY--
    I miss our farmers market... running out of our frozen veggies....

    wishing you an awesome day ~
    1515 days ago
    Seriously, why do they need to put all that crap in there? Why can't they just freeze meat and vegetables?
    1515 days ago
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