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Eating For Sustenance

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

" Stop eating while still hungry and do not continue until you are satisfied." Saint John Cassian

Mindless eating we all do it. Hey there is a bag of chips . We automatically grab it and start eating . We forget to ask ourselves if we are even hungry. It's a trigger , Bag of chips grab and go eat. If you come home and there is a plate of cookies or brownies on the table the same thing happens.

Here's how to stop it. You have to retrain yourself as if you were a toddler. When you are a toddler you learn to grab after asking permission. To get permission to eat you need to ask yourself some hard question's.

Am I truly hungry? Well, have some water and wait ten minutes and ask again if the answer is yes then. Wait !!!! What are you truly hungry for it could be something good besides those chips, brownies or cookies. So have a piece of fruit , or a few crackers and light cheese. Wait!!!! Still hungry and dinner is not for hours than you may have a portioned amount of what you crave being ever mindful of the extra exercising you need to do .

Don't ever eat for the sake of eating . Think what can I put in my body that will be the most nutritious? What does my body truly crave? What do I have that will make me feel full and satisfied.

Also train yourself to eat a little less. You won't die . You may feel that way at first . Then you can laugh at yourself. Go exercise , read a book .Do your thing.

Then when you are hungry again . Ask yourself those questions again. Are you truly hungry or just bored , sad or lonely. If you are hungry remember that food is fuel. If you truly want to fuel up on chip,s ice cream and cookies then go ahead . I have on occasion.

But remember for the most part we should not eat until we are satisfied that we are hungry . That we are satisfied in what we are hungry for. And we are satisfied that what we are going to eat will truly fill us .

Go ahead put that quote from Saint John on your refrigerator or cabinets it will help us to be mindful that we should be eating for sustenance . Hugs ,Love ,and Healthy Living .
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