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Loving great ideas: A new way to get my freggies

Monday, January 27, 2014

Almost every time I shop, without fail, I make my way through the produce section making selections that I have so many good intentions on using, one way or another. Yet so often, those same freggies I've selected find themselves rotting away in my fridge while good intentions fade away into nothingness.

A cucumber turns to slime, a banana turns black both in and out, lettuce turns into a mass of grossness I'll never find the courage to eat.

It frustrates me as I know I'm throwing out my hard earned money on food I end up throwing away anyway. I keep telling myself, be more careful when buying produce, but it never works.

Then the other day rolls around. I win some fruit and have a great idea. Take the fruit to work and put it in my desk drawer; it will keep.

So far it has worked well. Each day I eat a little something from that drawer, and it's something healthy.

I've eaten a good portion of the fruit already and know that this time I will finish it. From here on out, most of my produce is going in my desk drawer -- except those items meant as ingredients for my dinner, and then if I don't cook them up quick, maybe even those if they are something I would snack on and doesn't need refrigeration.

It keeps me from getting massively hungry before I go home, so I can keep my head screwed on straight while preparing dinner.

So from here on out, there will be fruit in my desk, or at least so is my intention. Let's hope it holds up! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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