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Sunday, January 26, 2014

I've been back on track with eating healthy and exercising regularly for the last several weeks. And I'm not seeing any weight loss so far. Its really frustrating me.

I'll admit, I've been snacking without tracking in the evenings, but not going totally overboard. I'll track the entire rest of my day, and know I have a couple hundred left over, and then I'll snack while packing my lunch for the next day, or while I'm making dinner. Before you suggest that I eat more during my meals, or consider more nutrient dense foods, let me stop you. That's not my problem. In the time since I joined SP, I've learned more about why I'm overweight, and what causes me to overeat. Before I would say "I don't know, there's no reason, I'm just not into healthy food or exercise". Now I realize that I am dependent on food because it makes me feel good, emotionally good. I enjoy eating because it makes my brain feel so happy, even though I feel not happy after it happens.

Last night, I was a bit tired from a very long work week (Saturday is my last day of the work week), I sat down after dinner to relax and catch up on the few programs I've got on my DVR. Then I started craving sugar - confession: I'm also just a few days before my period and I'm a bit hormonal, which normally lends itself to food cravings. I had a bag of work-related Skittles at home, part of a huge prize bin from our corporate office that I have to save until our awards party in a few weeks that wouldn't have had in my house otherwise. It used to be in my trunk, then I needed the space....maybe I should put it back there.

I sat down and ate the Skittles for 30 minutes straight. And it felt so good. It was relaxing, they tasted so good, and I had this overall feeling of calm and happiness. Then I got a huge stomach ache. But I did it anyway - despite having done 5 days of serious workouts this week, besides packing my lunch every day last week instead of eating out. I undid that in 30 minutes, and no matter how hard I fought it, the Skittles won.

I may have insight into why I overeat, but I haven't yet figured out how I'm going to overcome it. Sure, maybe if I'd gotten on the treadmill instead of watched TV, I wouldn't have stuffed my face with candy. I already know that. But I always choose the food instead of the diversion away from the food. Always. It's not as easy as just not doing it, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it, right?!


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ARTISTCAT 2/19/2014 11:18AM

    Wow, I could have written this post myself! I have the exact same problem.

I notice being tired makes the cravings much worse. Going to bed early (for me that is preparing at 9.30 and be asleep by 10pm) makes the difference for me. Well, not all the difference, but at least partly. And going to bed early is much easier than dragging my butt to the gym!

Another tip: since you're trying to get comfort from your food, (herbal) tea might also help. I usually buy a fancy herbal tea just for me to drink in the evening. Doesn't always help, but half of the time the tea is enough to comfort me.

Tracking for me does not work. It only makes me feel more guilty which makes me crave more comfort food. It a vicious circle.

Hope you get better at staying away from sugar!


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KITRONA 1/27/2014 12:32AM

    TWERKOUT has some great suggestions. I just wanted to say I can understand where you're coming from! I've been getting better about snacking, but as goofy as it sounds, I figured out that being cold triggers sugar/carb cravings for me. My temporary solution is to keep a gallon jug of water near me, and the snacks/sugary stuff in places where it's /just/ enough extra work to go get them that my laziness wins out. I've found for me that it helps to drink some water, sometimes. I hope that you can use something of that to help you!

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TWERKOUT 1/26/2014 9:33PM

    I can seriously relate to the snacking thing...especially at night. I am definitely the "emotional eater" type and I have struggled with that title for years.

From one emotional eater to another (you're probably gonna tell me to shut it here lol) track your snacks...all of them...does that mean I stop eating them?...nope....not always but since I have started tracking the guilty pleasures it just makes me more aware...and that's half the battle.

Since I joined the site (one week ago) I have been tracking my food (including my snacks...all of them lol) consistently and oddly enough since doing so I feel like I am more in control somehow. I'm no expert or anything but just throwing it out there. Maybe it will help! =D

Best wishes on your journey! emoticon

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