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We All Need Our Place In the Sun -- Day 20 of green juice fast

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Today is Day 20 of my green juice fast, and some experts say that is when the mental clarity really begins. And this is said to be the time when fasting begins to heal the mind more. All those toxins raise havoc with the body, including the mind. Fasting begins to alleviate that, allowing for clearing thinking and insight.

Today is also when a beloved spider plant tree apparently has died. We have a humble abode in the city, the kind with limited light, due to the building across the street that now blocks out the sunlight and views. I sometimes can see sunsets reflected in the windows across the way. But it also means that sunlight is at a premium for the green plants.

This huge spider tree plant was moved to a space with less light. Another plant flourished in its place, grabbing all that available light, while the plant that used to wrap its spidery plant arms around me as I wrote at the computer, now apparently has perished.

I refuse to admit defeat, sure we can bring it back to life. It has done that before. I've seen green chutes, I am sure. But it has been dying a slow death to lack of light. Even as I watered twice as often to help it out.

On Day 20, after my very cold and windy (but pretty) walk outside, complete with snow flurries, I am reminded of the fact that we all have certain needs in order to flourish. If we don't have that, we stunt our growth or even slowly begin to fade.

I've seen how the plants reach out for the sunlight, taking all kinds of strange shapes in order to get a fair share. It is all about the sun and access and getting those leaves at just the right angle, the right way. And I saw this beloved plant do this as well. It once had bushy greenness everywhere, then it was in certain places, then the remaining green began to fade out. There is little green left. It was a slow long process. And even recently I could feel the plant love. Even when this plant was being moved to its new place, the one with less sun, I could feel this plant love, like this plant would have hugged me if it could. It just wanted to be of service and be in my life.

Now a new plant reaches its branches way out to get the sun, just as this plant once did. It has overtaken the others, and even perhaps left some in its shadow. Where the plants are has a direct impact on how much growth they sustain, how bushy and full they get, how green and how strong.

In our own lives, we need more than the sun, more than some plant food or extra water. The kind words. We have certain requirements for survival--and even more requirements to really thrive. We need food,, water, and air to survive, along with enough sleep. We certainly need shelter and other basic needs to be met. But we also need much more than that to actually thrive, to take our place in the sun.

Luckily, unlike plants, we can get up and move, change our location, change our perspective, change our minds We have options that plants don't have.

I am not giving up on that plant in the darker place because I think there is hope. I am sure I saw some green. And maybe there is a way to get more sunlight to it. I actually thought it was hanging in there until now. I hope it still is. I've seen plants come back from worse. So it is time to find ways to let in the sun.

On Day 20, I am doing my coconut oil pulling as I write this, trying hard to remember three times per day. I do feel more clarity, but I have a feeling I will be feeling much more a week from now. I find it interesting that many people end their fast on Day 21 if it is true that the clarity really kicks in then. (Then again, I realize that being on a fast can be challenging. I didn't make it to Day 20 until now, nearly a year since my first fast for 12 days.

I am thinking about sunlight and how we all need our place in the sun.
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KALIGIRL 1/27/2014 8:37AM

    Here's to our place in the sun!

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_LINDA 1/26/2014 11:01PM

    I feel for that poor little spider plant, taken from its former position of honor in the sun. Living in a north facing apartment that NEVER gets a speck of sunlight, I know what its like to be sun starved, especially in our long, dreary dark winters.. The one good thing about being at my Mom's is enjoying the floor to ceiling south facing windows. I just bask in the sun when ever it is out! I hope you can find a way to save it -sounds like a grow light is needed..
Here to receiving all our fair share of sun and clarity and peace..
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Thank you for being such a good friend Kate!

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    Beautiful blog.

Can you hang a grow light over the spider tree somehow?

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TURTLELADY56 1/26/2014 6:57PM

  this touched my heart today ty....i am gathering contanier's for a contanier garden some thing i have never done.....also being mindful about placement and happyness of my little garden...

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PETALIA 1/26/2014 5:55PM

    I think that we need each other, we need connection to really thrive.

Have you thought about rigging up a system of mirrors to bring a little sunlight in to your plant and you?

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MSROZZIE 1/26/2014 5:50PM

    Good blog, insightful. Thanks for sharing, and good luck while fasting! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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