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Sunday, January 26, 2014

I am still thinking about getting the SP tracker, but not sure that just flashing lights would be enough to motivate me without seeing numbers until I connect on computer.

If anyone has both, I'd enjoy hearing what you think about yours.
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    I bought the FitBit 1 last January because I wanted to track my sleep as well as steps, calories etc. It was wonderful! I loved being able to see right away how I was doing during the day and looking at the chart in the morning to see and evaluate my sleep during the night (I have sleep apnea). BUT I went on road trip to PA from NH last May and saw first hand the effect it had on the FB!. It indicated I went up 60+ flights of stairs and over 2 miles in steps. So I became more sensitive to the limitations of it. That said it helped to motivate me all year! In the Fall, a small piece of the clip fell off and was lost. I found out it cost $20+ to replace.(Just a minor irritation.) I didn't replace it so it kept sticking into me.
    I was fascinated by the SpTracker so I bought one in early December. I really like the fact that it was waterproof since I am adding AquaFit classes to my schedule. I really like it and I have it on my shoe to get a more accurate reading of steps and distance. I really miss being able to see steps, flights of stairs and sleep patterns. I am retired so I can check my computer often to find out how close to goal I am. I don't see it flash when I hit my goal - it's on my foot and I'm looking where I'm going! emoticon
    Overall, I like the SpTracker because I am synced with SP and automatically considered a part of that monthly challenge.(I just made the goal of 62,000 steps for Jan). Also I feel better about its' accuracy.
    1487 days ago
    I'm glad you asked the question. I have the FB1 and love it but was wondering if I was missing something by not having the SAT. Judging by the responses I don't think I'll get one.
    1489 days ago
    I just this week lost my fitbit I got as a XMAS present from my daughter, I'm afraid to tell her. I did like it though
    1489 days ago
    As you know I have the Human Lotus -lol Midnighter has both - I think you have gathered how I feel - I purchased the SPAT to support Spark - it is a great tool , it does give incentive for many who require . For me I think I am cutting back to three days a week in use - for me the connection between the calories out and calorie in are an issue - as I do not need any more incentive to eat ! - Although the food on the cruise is divine - thank -you ! Hugs K
    1489 days ago
    I don't have a Fitbit and I returned my Spark Activity Tracker because I realized I'm already trained at remembering to stay active throughout the day, so the flashing lights weren't doing much for me. I do love my BodyMedia because it tracks all my work outs other than "stepping" and it helps me keep track of my calorie differentials to make sure I'm not eating too much or little. But I need that kind of structure and I know not everyone does. So that's my 2 cents (or maybe 4 cents?).
    1489 days ago
    I have a Spark and for the most part love it - I love that I can clip it to my laces or my shoe and the lights aren't so bad you can estimate how close you are to your daily goal by the number of lights when you tap on it (my goal is set for 10,000). I noticed tho the first time we went out snowshoeing this winter that the Spark didn't pick up most of my steps as you probably shuffle instead of actually picking up the feet.
    1489 days ago
    I don't have either but I learned a lot from your question. LOL.
    1490 days ago
    I have an Omron step tracker only, and I am very happy with it, and I saved money buying it. I think I paid around $30.00 for it.
    1490 days ago
    I only have a Fitbit One, which I love, but it's been nice to be able to read people's comments about the different Fitbit models and the SP tracker so if the time comes I need a new one I'll have an idea what might work best for me.
    1490 days ago
    From what you said I would get a FitBit Zip, the new Force or One since you can see how many steps you have taken at any point. Some other trackers don't have the ability to show you where you can see your progress at a glance.
    I have the Zip and I can see immediately how many steps I have taken, the distance and calories burned, some of the other more pricey models can do more for you.
    1490 days ago
    I love my Fitbit and I can see how far I've gone any time during the day.
    1490 days ago
    I have the fitbit zip and I love it. My only complaint would be that it often tells me the battery is low when it isn't. Not sure why. I can check it any time with or without the use of the computer. I accidentally got in the shower with it on a few days ago, and it still works just fine. I didn't have to put it in rice or anything. I just dried it off with a towel. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
    1490 days ago
  • TERRY0217
    I had a fitbityy 1"""I loved it while it lasted, but, it recently died....I'm thinking of treating myself to the spark tracker for my birthday
    1490 days ago
    I am a seasoned user of gadgets for tracking. I have a FitBit One and it does every step I take. Others start tracking at 10 steps. Is that what you want? The Spark Tracker is one of those others. I bought one on a whim. It's still in it's packaging and I'm donating it.
    1490 days ago
    Yes, I have both and I'm really not sure what finally prompted me to get the Spark Tracker. The advantage to the Spark Tracker, of course, are all the additional goodies and awards - plus the monthly contest for real prizes. I think it's annoying that I have to check my PC to see where I am throughout the day.

    I have a Fit Bit One that I've had for about a year. I love it. My DIL gave me a flex for Christmas and (shhh...don't tell her) but I just couldn't get used to wearing anything on my wrist. I love that I can check it on my phone, that it tells me about the quality of my sleep, and that it counts my stairs.

    I've also preordered something called a Lumo Lift, which is supposed to help you stand straighter while also tracking your activity. Whether I actually get it or not depends on the number of pre-orders they receive. I guess they need to have a certain number before they go into production.

    Can you tell I have a little bit of a gadget addiction?

    1490 days ago
    I have the fitbit one and LOVE it!! My friend on the Aspire & Inspire team, JakeNell, has both and she prefers the fitbit over the SP activity tracker. I agree with everything that
    MEADSBAY said! It's water resistant but NOT water-proof. It can withstand sweat and maybe a little splash of water. I hook mine to my bra so that I never accidentally put it through the wash. I like the sleep tracker too. I just LOVE my fitbit!!!
    1490 days ago
    LOVElovelove my Fitbit One-
    syncs automatically-
    shows steps, time, calories burned-
    gives nice reports-
    sends encouraging emails.
    Tracks sleep, too.
    No monthly fee.
    1490 days ago
    I just have the sp tracker . I agree about not seeing how far you go until you get to a computer. I used to have a cheap 20 model that did that. but the sp is good because it can go through the wash. I like how it tells me how long I walked and how far also, sorry I cant help have a great week
    1490 days ago
    I wanted to get a sp tracker but they don't sell it to peeps over the pond
    1490 days ago
    i don't have a sP tracker, I have a fitbit flex. It does not display the numbers ever, there are lights that indicate how far you are into the step allotment. Plus you have to tap it to the see the light. When you reach goal, it vibrates. I don't like it I'd much prefer to be able to see my progress clearly and conveniently.
    1490 days ago
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