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4 week weigh in and calorie confusion!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

So, I was at a point of berating myself about my lack of weight loss. Maybe not so much berating myself, but I still don't have my medical insurance card so I haven't been to a doc about getting help with my anxiety/depression.
My last weigh is was January 3 and it has been 4 weeks. When I weighed myself this morning I showed a 2 pound loss.
I will take doesn't matter how slow I am going, as long as I keep heading in the right direction (down!)

Work has been going well, aside from the fact that I have no idea how to calculate how many calories I am burning.
For example, yesterday, I was up and down the ladder about 50 times in the stock room, but it's not like I did it all one after the other. I was opening boxes and pricing things so it wasn't fast either.
Not to mention the fact that there really is no way possible for me to go up and down quickly hips are wider than the side rails on the ladder. Not to a point of discomfort because I am just tall enough that where my hips start to widen is just above the rails....its hard to explain, but speed is not going to be a workplace hazard for me, lol!

I have also been having more complaining from the arthritis in my knees and hip joints, so at work (for now), I take the elevator up but take the stairs down...unless I am in a hurry, then I take the stairs, but it takes me 2-3 minutes to catch my breath after I do! The way the stairs are set up, there are probably 30 stairs to get to the second floor.

I also (needlessly) ran for the bus yesterday...I was walking to the station and I saw it pull in, I thought I might have been walking slower than I thought, so I ran/waddled as quick as I could. As it turns out, that bus gets there about 15 minutes early so the driver can have a break!
I also found that it's HARD to jog/run when you are wearing 2 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of socks, undershirt, work shirt, sweater, and wool coat....while carrying a backpack. Maybe my dash for the bus wasn't 'needless', but I felt silly after running there and then not having to leave for 15-ish minutes, haha!

I just don't know how to input my movement here on my tracker to see how many cals I might be burning, all I know is that I am hungry ALL the time! I can tell after a couple of hours at work that my blood sugar is dropping and that I need to eat.
I make sure I eat before I leave the house in the morning, I make sure I get protein and carbs, eggs are easy protein in the morning, but I am worried about the cholesterol. I know I can toss the yolks, but right now, I am on a tight budget and my sister and her hubby are recovering financially from the holidays too, so I am taking a bit of an issue with throwing out food (yolks). If I remember correctly, almost half the protein in eggs is in the yolk, not to mention other goodness. But there were a couple of days that I also took a couple of eggs to add to my salad to up the protein in it, because I can tell that my blood sugar drops much faster when I don't get enough protein on days that I work.

I have been making salads to take with me. My check was only for 2 days this payday, they shorted me for the other 2 and I am not sure what day I will get paid or if I will have to wait for it to be added to my next check in two weeks (2 week pay-periods SUCK!) so I had a grand total of about 40 bucks to round out a few meals here. I bought a couple of pre-made salads, a carton of egg whites (so I don't have to toss any yolks), some yogurt, and cottage cheese too.

I wish I could get a spark tracker for myself, I know it would help, it is definitely near the top of my priority list, but sadly, it will have to wait awhile longer.
I just don't know how to figure out how much I am burning when I am up at work or walking for the bus.

Anyone have any ideas?

p.s. I am pretty sure that part of my confusion is coming from my anxiety, so I am not sure if I am really confused or just think I am!
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MADMIRANDA 1/29/2014 8:22AM

    Congrats on the 2lb weight loss, this from somebody who has gained 5. I wouldn't worry too much about the calories, as long as you are not eating more than 2,000 you should be ok. As for eggs, don't forget you aren't going to be eating loads of them for long, so I don't think they will have much effect. Hope you get to the next payday ok. How do they expect you to live?

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PEGGY11 1/26/2014 9:49AM

    Don't forget to get a bag of apples. They are really full of nutrition. Calcium is good though. emoticon emoticon

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TRIANGLE-WOMAN 1/26/2014 7:57AM

    re: how many calories are you burning

My way to gauge if I'm burning enough calories is: I'm losing weight. I have a spark tracker and if I was burning as many calories as it says I am, I'd weigh about 100 lbs

emoticon to use your body as the ultimate calorimeter.

Please be gentle with yourself and do things that make you feel better. Find exercise and food and activities that renew and energize you. That automatically eliminates overeating, right?

☆) .☆)
(☆ (.♥`..☆
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
┊┊┊ Keep Spreading the Spark

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KAREN608 1/25/2014 10:19PM

    I wonder if the spark activity tracker can be given to someone else, like YOU, as I have one but prefer my fitbit flex. I could send it to you if they would let you put it onto your account. Anyone know about this??? If you want it, sparkmessage me and I'd give it to you. It is on my shoe right now. It has a good clip.

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EMMACORY 1/25/2014 9:52PM

    I do not have a tracker from Spark so I can not answer your questions. I think as long as you are moving that is what is helpful. You lost 2 pounds. Give yourself a pat on the back. Slow loss is better than a gain. Blessings on your journey. emoticon

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