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Thursday, January 23, 2014

I've been a vegetarian for over 20 years, and I couldn't begin to count the number of people who have come to me and said "I've always wanted to try being a vegetarian. Would you help me?" Of course I will!! Everyone is different as to WHY they're becoming vegetarian (to lose weight, to try to get more veggies in their diet, to fight animal cruelty, simply because it's "in", etc, etc...) and because we're different my experiences have and will be different than someone else's, but I'm always willing to be there to listen, give advice when I can, and learn something from their experience too.

Some people I've talked to just wanted to give up meat for a while to see what it's like, which is cool. Some people have talked about wanting to give up meat FOREVER and when I'm talking to one of those people I give this advice: do NOT buy fake "meat" (ie boca burgers, morning star sausage, etc) until you're wwwaaayyy down the road. Like a YEAR into your journey. I told a coworker this one time when she was trying to give up meat and she was confused as to why I would suggest that... wouldn't that HELP her give up meat? To be able to eat a veggie burger instead of a hamburger? Well in my opinion (and that's all I can give, is my opinion) when you use the fake meat to replace real meat, then it won't ever seem quite right. You will never be eating and appreciating a veggie burger.. you will ALWAYS be eating a veggie-burger-instead-of-a-ham
burger. So if you're trying to give up meat - GIVE IT UP and learn to love the new stuff you're eating! Don't seek out stuff that's trying to make you reminice in a lifestyle that you're trying to give up... that's going to make it so much harder!! Try the fake meats after you're established in your new lifestyle, and can appreciate it for the unique food that it is.

I thought about that while I was browsing medifast meals. I was seeing ways to make medifast haystacks, medifast fudge, and stuff like that. This may make someone think "o cool! I can still have my favorite haystack treat and it's on the medifast plan!" but if you stop medifast, you're going to STILL want/eat that haystack treat. Are you going to continue making the haystack the Medifast way when you're in maitenence, or would you go back to your old recipe? Wouldn't it be better to learn to enjoy what the new, healthy you eats, instead of trying to hang on to what the fat, unhealthy you ate?

Now granted I say that and I'd still like to go back on medifast for a while... a diet that allows you to live on meals of chips (their puffs) and cookies (their soft bake) if you want to. But hey - I'm just rambling here... I never claimed to make any sense! emoticon emoticon And they do teach transition, so I guess I would still be following my own advice. emoticon