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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Well, I've decided I really like the Weight Watchers online tools and will continue to buy them for $15 a month, but the Weight Watchers at Work meetings aren't doing much for me and I'm not going to sign up for the next session.

I like the tools because under the WW points system, I have an allotment of 26 points per day, which comes out to about 1200 calories, but then I also get a weekly allowance of 49 points to use any way I see fit - kind of like a kid with an allowance, it forces you to budget. I can just add 7 points a day to my menu, or I can have treats here and there, or I can have one day a week where I really go over. I find that it's helpful to think in terms of weeks instead of in terms of days. When I think in terms of days, it's so easy to say "well, I'm just going to eat what I want tonight and call it a bad day, and then start again tomorrow." But who wants to mess up a whole week in one night? Or use up all 49 points, knowing it's going to be almost impossible to make it through the rest of the week?

Another cool thing with their tools, when I track my exercise it's immediately converted to food points, so I know exactly how much more I can eat. (it's not that much, but every little bit helps)

So that's the good part. I also thought that having to weigh in at our weekly lunch hour meetings would motivate me, but it's not working out that way. First we had two weeks without meetings, as my company was shut down between Christmas and New Year's. I was extremely diligent and lost two pounds. I couldn't wait to go in and proudly step on the scale! But then I was half sick for a week - not sick enough to stop eating, just sick enough to want to eat the wrong things and a lot of salt. So I was back up two pounds and didn't want to get on the scale. And since then it's just become this big preoccupation of whether to go to meetings or skip them. I guess if the leader was someone I could talk it'd be different, but she's busy handing out literature and trying to recruit new members, she doesn't seem interested in hearing any personal stories. I know I've been to WW meetings years ago where the leader really motivated me, but this isn't one of them.

So I guess I'll stick to my motivation being the looming lab tests.
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    I like your idea of joining something online. I used to belong to TOPS and loved the program, but going to the meetings was difficult because of the distance. Also driving in winter was becoming too challenging for me.

    The meetings were held with some lovely people, but they wanted to spend the entire hour talking about Aunt Marge's new garden tool or Cousin Betsy potty-training her 2 year old. I seriously got so frustrated...I wasn't giving or getting any weight loss support, so I quit. It's why I like Spark. I might consider the WW thing as well if I need further support.
    1082 days ago
    I belonged to WW many different times, and the leader makes all the difference. I'm glad that you are finding their on-line tools useful.
    1092 days ago
    So glad WW on line is workng well for you. My experience with the WW work program really was the same as yours: there really was no time for motivational peptalks. I'm deficient in the self-discipline area, so the extra points for me just add stress in my life...i.e., one more thing to manage, LOL.

    Keep fightin' the good fight!
    1093 days ago
    we wasn't for me but its a good program when you have a good leader.
    1093 days ago
    Sometimes we over-focus. That's what I'm struggling with.

    It always feels so good when we hit on the things that work for us.
    1093 days ago
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