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Keeping Busy During Being Snowed In

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm keeping busy doing little things that are creative, cost-effective, and that lift my spirits a bit. I'm still very upset over my brother's sudden death, and it is too dark a place to dwell in for very long.

So I've decided to do little creative tasks to make me happy. I've taken wheat berries that I crush & grind to add to homemade breads, and sprinkled the berries into a ceramic container. Soon there will be tall, bright green grass growing on the dining room table during the gloomy wintery days. I'm literally snowed in right now.

I love to grow grass indoors during the winter. It brings life inside the house.
It can be snipped and used for green drinks, too.

Wheat berries germinate into lush green blades of grass.
Grass should germinate and start growing within the next 3 weeks.

Why not force some bulbs indoors. This box cost $1.00 in late fall.

Or make some popcorn from organic kernels - no chemicals or butter or salt

so easy to make popcorn in a big tall pot with a little olive oil and coconut oil.
Good source of fiber and it fills me up and curbs my appetite.

I found pictures of my daughter's graduation from elementary school in 2002 and am making a little album for her.

Or make a little vegetable soup and add some of that turkey I roasted 2 days ago.

And I have 2 large containers of fresh organic whole milk so I might as well make some homemade yogurt today.

These cross country skis are sitting on the living room floor and I want to vacuum. I think with my creaky, old body that is stiff this morning, a 20 minute yoga session would far benefit me rather than risking a broken leg so these will go upstairs into my outdoor adventure walk in closet along with the camping gear. :-)

I also started a tray of petunia seeds in a recycled milk container. The seeds are like dust - veyr tiny and take months to grow.

I turned the heat off last night at 8:45 PM and got under warm blankets on the sofa. The house is chilly so I turned it back on at 10:45 AM I've saved 14 hours of oil burning which might total a few quarts of precious oil.

Now to finish doing paperwork, getting the 2014 files and billing folders in some kind of working order.

There's always a ton of things to do when you live alone.
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