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I rocked it today! (2014 - Blog #22)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Food for me is not really a temptation. However, when I am not paying attention, I eat without much reason at all. At times, I rationalize my food choices or lack of water intake. NOT TODAY! (Actually, have been doing pretty darn well for several weeks now.)

If there were a day this week that would test my resolve to not go into mindless eating, today was the day... And I knew it would be one of those days, so I did several things that REALLY helped me meet my goal.

emoticon Packed my lunch last night. Included a snack.
emoticon Breakfast: Ate my steel cut oats and added a hard boiled egg for some extra UMF. I knew that even having time or place for a healthy snack may be a challenge.
emoticon Water: From the time I got up to the time I got out the door, finished off four cups of water so that half of my goal was met. (When I can get to half of anything, I am usually able to meet that goal.)
emoticon Remembered what KALIGIRL told me about re-framing my irritation about using the restroom when I drink water. I GOT MORE EXERCISE every time I had to visit the facilities!
emoticon Lunch came and went but I did not get to eat. Everything Idid was back to back. I was in a treatment center for kids - could not eat there. Went to a meeting about a special education student - could not eat there. BUT!!! I finally got back to my office by 3:15 and when bombarded with "hey can I talk, can we meet ... " I kindly said.. Sure.. but we need to meet by the microwave so I can warm up my lunch."
emoticon When I finally got home at 8:00, I was quite hungry!!! But, instead of making the sweet fast choice, I drank two more cups of water while DH sauteed brussels sprouts and broccoli and serve them with a small pork chop and mashed sweet potato. Sublime!
emoticon Every time I was in the car, a thought entered my mind like: "Oh .. man.. a quick latte right now really would pick me up." BUT... the best part of the day was that I asked myself if the need to drink the latte
..... was about being hungry for reals and if so, was a latte the most healthy choice (albeit fastest choice) - Answer: NO.
..... was about being hungry for reals and if so, was I going to die if I did not get one - Answer - NO.
.... was about seeking out comfort and reward for being tough all day and if so, was that fleeting thought really worth it - Answer: NO.

Truly this whole mental toughness way of thinking is elevating my thinking, strengthening my resolve and best of all, comforting me in knowing that I have the ability to meet my goals.

I am pumped about how I did some good mindful/bodyful/soulful work.

Have a PUMPED day folks!

"Find the good and praise it." Alex Haley

MANTRA: Every opportunity is a choice. Every choice is an opportunity. (me)

PHOTO OF THE DAY: My mountain... peeking out... and always hopeful!
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