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Goodbye Three Day Weekend

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It was nice to have a long weekend, and for the most part I enjoyed it.

I left work early on Friday and relaxed for a bit before heading out again for my first open craft night meetup. If you know me, then you know meeting new people in a social setting for the first time is really hard for me. I have no problems meeting new people for work-related purposes, but in my social life, I am very introverted and shy. But seriously, I walked in to the art studio and felt so welcome and comfortable. There was no uncomfortableness at all and that felt really nice. The small art studio is located in an old school house that has been turned into small art studios which is pretty neat. It's on the complete opposite end of town and about a 30 minute drive, but honestly it was so worth it. Apparently every other Friday night, they do a ladies only open crafting night, where you can bring whatever craft project you want to work on, and they also have a "take and make" craft project that you can do. They have tutus that you can wear (because tutus are fun!) and they have cupcakes and other dessert treats. I felt like I walked in and everyone was so inviting and warm. I didnt feel shy or anything. I worked on my cross stitch pattern and talked to the other ladies, and opened up and told them about what I had been going through recently between my mom's cancer and my breakup, and they were all so kind. I didnt make the "take and make" project, but I enjoyed watching everyone else and learning some new things. I stayed for about 3.5 hours, but since I hadnt really slept the night before, I was exhausted and wanted to head home before driving might become too unsafe. But it was seriously the happiest I had been in a while. Between the good news about dance classes on Thursday night, and then the craft night on Saturday, I was feeling pretty good.

Saturday when I woke up, I was still so, so tired. I slept a good 8 hours, but I guess I still needed to catch up on more resting, so I really just rested on my couch for a while. I decided to skip my run because I felt so tired, but I did go out and run errands - I purchased my tap shoes, some workout clothes at Old Navy, and some scrapbooking stuff at Joanns. I did a little bit of smash booking on Saturday afternoon, and spent the evening watching Netflix and cross-stitching. My modem started to die while I was watching Netflix and Comcast couldnt even send a signal to it. That was frustrating. I spent the rest of the night reading. I guess I remembered that when I was previously single before J, I used to stay up late at night and read books. Funny how I had forgotten these things...

Sunday my modem seemed to be working fine again, but after talking to my dad, I decided to purchase a new one just in case, since this has happened a few times now. The modem I have is 5 years old, so its probably time to upgrade anyway. I still felt no motivation to run again, but my half marathon training plan called for a 9 mile run and I knew I had to get it done, otherwise risk injury by not training properly. The weather was beautiful, but I compromised and told myself I would just run on the treadmill - I had to do at least 5 and after 5 if I wanst feeling it I could stop and do the other 4 the next day. But once I started I felt fine, and completed the whole thing. I was kicking myself a little bit for running on the treadmill instead of outside, but hey, I got it done and that's what counts.

The rest of the day I was feeling sore so I mostly jut lounged on my couch. It was really just a weekend full of resting. There were some good Lifetime Movies on tv this weekend. Yup, that makes me sound pretty pitiful!

On Monday I forced myself to go to the grocery store and pick up my dry cleaning for court. I started catching up on my DVR, and then remembered I had to do some research for work so I did that, which didnt take long, and then it was time to get ready to go to Art Journal Club! It was at the same studio as the open craft night - every Monday evening they have an Art Journal club. I've read about art journaling, but I've never done it - to me I feel like you have to be a lot more "artsy" than "craftsy" and I am more "craftsy" but I wanted to try something new, and I really liked the women so much at the open craft night and wanted to spend time with them again. We learned a type of "water color" technique using water soluble crayons, and it was pretty interesting. Definitely outside my comfort box! Since it's journaling, too, it was a chance to put my emotions on paper, and I was feeling a bit emotional. It was nice to see my emotions in different colors on the paper, and kind of felt helpful, too. I only stayed for about 2 hours because I knew I had to be up early for court and I wanted to try and get a decent amount of sleep.

I ended up not sleeping much at all, which is pretty typical for the night before court, so I am feeling really tired today. I may have to make a short argument this morning, but otherwise I will just be sitting in and watching the court with my client - honeslty a lot more exhausting than one would think because I have to be there emotionally for my client, explain what is happening, etc. And then tonight is my first Tuesday night with two dance classes, so I am sure I will be exhausted tomorrow, too!
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