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What do Peyton Manning and Jeremy Abbott have in common?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

While Manning is well known to more people, makes a lot more money and is a Sunday fixture on TV from Sept – Jan, Abbott and others like him come into our national consciousness only every 4 years.

Manning is on his way to the Super Bowl and Jeremy Abbott is on his way to the Olympics to compete in figure skating.

Manning wears a helmet and pads while Abbott performs in an outfit more suited to his activity. OK, sometimes it even glitters.

Manning has 10 other guys to help him perform well. If those teammates don’t do their job, Manning’s results will suffer. Abbott is out there on his own.

So what do they have in common? They’re both extremely talented, incredible athletes.
Both have overcome injury and adversity and I’m a fan of both.

We have a similar situation on SP. I recently read a blog by a sparker who participates in competitive table tennis. We all have different ways of getting ourselves up and onto our feet. They key is to get out of our chairs, find something we like/love to do, and actually do it.

The Olympics or Super Bowl are not in our future. No one will offer us money or endorsements, but that’s OK. Each day that we enter an activity in our fitness tracker, we are all athletes. Not at the same level of those we watch on TV, but athletes nonetheless.

We are runners or walkers or bikers or swimmers, or practitioners of yoga, aerobics, Zumba or even table tennis enthusiasts. We’re working our bodies athletically and that’s what defines success to me.

Figure Skating is often broadcast opposite important football games. TV executives reason that comparatively few viewers are interested in both. Unfortunately, I’m in that minority. Fortunately, technology has solved the problem and my DVR gets lots of use.

At least I won’t have that problem in February. On Feb 2nd I’ll be glued to the TV for the Super Bowl. The Olympics begin on Feb 6th. (Actually the new figure skating team competition begins on the 5th). I’ll have to plan my own workouts accordingly.
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