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Week Four: Three Hour Workout Day

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It was a big workout day. It ended up being three hours totaling 24 miles of exercise. My core is sore right now but I feel great. I learned a new skill in the water. One of the exercises is to lay on my back and float however my core has to be engaged and I need to push my stomach upwards, so itís like making my body stiff as a board. Then I bring the water weights to my hips to keep everything engaged then lift my leg as high in the air as I can. This is a hard task and it takes full core engagement. Itís something I need to practice but once I figured out by asked another instructor in how to do this I had the directions I needed. Since I donít use a water belt this task makes it even harder for me because I have nothing to help me float, itís just me making myself do all the work.

Honestly I have some a long way and Iím seeing results in my strength and muscles. Iím not dropping inches, at least that Iím noticing, and then again, I have been measuring myself. I have been noticing my abilities in things. I can do a lot more than I first started. Iím able to have more balance. Iím able to keep my core engaged the entire time Iím exercising. Iím able to have great posture the entire time exercising. I know Iíve been working hard because when Iím walking up the stairs to my second job I feel my thighs tired from exercise. Itís odd because the rest of the time I donít feel it but those stairs, I sure feel it.

Shallow water was good, I liked the routine. Itís a nice class. Iím younger by decades. My friend says by generations, Iím the baby in the class. Funny to think me in my mid 30ís as a baby. It lead into a discussion of how someone will not take the classes because the majority of the peopleís ages in the classes. At least this was my stance. My friend the instructor doesnít agree with me but she isnít in the same frame of mind as a student taking the class for the first time and impressions. When I first took classes I noticed that I was the youngest the majority of the time. This made me feel like oh, itís only elderly that take this because itís so easy. As I did the class I was mad at myself because I knew the movements but couldnít do them as quickly in the water. I had all that resistance and had to build my muscles. I thought I was already in good form since I was taking Zumba classes and RIPPED classes. I kept going back because I wanted to master it. When younger girls take the classes they normally donít come back because the majority is elderly taking the classes. They feel odd about it and then will not take the classes again. When I take the Deep water classes I see a variety of ages but I would say the average age is 50. In water walking, combo class, balance and stability, and shallow water itís mainly elderly (senior citizen). This will but off a younger crowd, however when you watch the people working out youíll notice that you get what you put in. For Aqua Zumba my easiest level is their hardest. So I just focus on myself and modify movements to make them harder for me. Iíve come a long way. Iím proud of myself for it and I should be. Itís hard work.

I went to have crepes with my friends. I did have a salmon crepe. It was really good. Because I know it is high in calories I ate a little less in the day. Smaller snack and dinner.


Plans for tomorrow:
Deep Water Aerobics.


Five things I'm grateful for:
1. Days off.
2. Going out with friends.
3. Food to pack my lunch for tomorrow.
4. A laundry machine.
5. Feeling strong.
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