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January 17, 2014 - Test Results from Echo

Friday, January 17, 2014

I am trying to remain positive. I am struggling. I have Congestive heart failure (not a whole lot worse, just a little).
My left side of heart is not getting enough blood (partial blockage) and seems to be reversable (other two are not but those are the old ones), the left side at rest gets some but not enough. Exercise it pumps enough blood. I go in on the 28th for cath and hope they can stent it and be good to go. My cardiologist wants me to continue to stay on diet as if I had the weightloss surgery (the pre-op diet) and learn to eat as if I had surgery. Just the preop for right now. One it will prepare me for surgery and life time change and the hopes is that I can start losing weight NOW and not have to wait until surgery. However, still plan on surgery, just the more weight we can get off of me the better my chances are.

I have agreed to go back on Simvistatin but on my original small does of 5mg. He said he will take it, a little is better than none and put me on CoQ10 100mg.

Even if we can't fix the heart, or can, I have to get the weight off as I am dying. I am strong, and my heart electricity is good, my valves are same, and have done really well as it has been almost 3 years. I need all the prayers and support I can get. I am day 3 of diet and hope I can stay strong with it. I found PGX Protein which they are not kidding about making you full and supposed to help with blood sugars and weight loss too.

I walked today too! I am trying each day to walk / exercise and stick to this liquid diet.... I need to stay strong and faithful and not deviate.

My lasix is back to 40 mg 2 x day as needed and to take for 3-7 days and see if I can't get the water off then do as needed.
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