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My 90 Day Challenge

Friday, January 17, 2014

Losing weight is very confusing, especially thanks to today's technology. Every time that I go on the internet, I get bombarded with ads and articles promising me easy, quick weightless with the ultimate diet, exercise program, advice or pill.

I've read the articles, bought a few books that looked promising and nothing, and I mean nothing fit me, my likes or my lifestyle. Even Weight Watchers didn't work for me. The point system stressed me out, left me hungry and forced me to make eating choices that I would never have made before.

When I was 17 I needed to lose some serious weight in order to join the National Guard and the funny thing was that I was able to do it, on my own. I didn't need books, pills or to pay a month subscription to lose the weight, because I was highly motivated. I had a goal, I had to drop the weight and be in relatively healthy shape by my 18th birthday, the day that i would be going up to Boston to join.

I was motivated and i had a goal. There was a lot of stress in my life at the time, but I managed to control it and for the most part, ignore it by getting my butt in shape.

Well, now I am setting a goal and have something, many things to look forward to.

I am setting a 90 Day Challenge for myself.

What happens in 90 days? Well, for one I will be traveling down to Hershey, PA where I will see my partners for the first time in months. Second, I am doing a signing down there. Third, it will signify the ending to something that should have ended two years ago.

I'm looking at this as a fresh start for me and my children and I want to do it in a healthier way.


Here's my challenge:

Weigh myself every Friday, not everyday.

Drink five bottles of water every day.

Get one hour of physical activity in every day.

Get one hour of exercise in every day.

Eat a normal, balanced diet, no seconds, no butter, fried food, junk food, etc.

If I have something naughty, ex. a slice of my son's birthday cake, have a small slice and keep it at that.

Have two servings of vegetables with dinner.

Don't eat unless I'm hungry.

Have healthy snacks with me so that I don't breakdown and grab something unhealthy.

No soda.

And most importantly, take each day as it comes, focus on positive things going on and accept the stress that I can't control.

Don't put off anything, get things done as they come in and stay focused.

Well, that's my game plan anyway :)

I'm very curious to see how this ends :)
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    sounds like a great plan! emoticon

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