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Day 845

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I got out for a short run today. I don't really like running in the cold, but I figure I better get out there when the sidewalks are fairly ice free, or I will be starting back at the beginning in the Spring. I also walked Cooper 3 times. One long walk, and two medium walks. He is a happy pup. I pushed myself with the wall sits today and did 40 reps of biceps curls. Man, my quads were on fire!

It was my turn to cook for my neighbor. We take turns cooking on the nights Am Idol is on. I made a chicken stir fry on brown rice. It turned out okay, but it wasn't stellar. I have made better. I think next week I am making homemade pizza. I just need to get cheese.

Tomorrow I have no plans. No one is coming to walk with me, and nothing happening in the evening. This is my idea of bliss. I get to walk the dog whenever he wants to go, and then sit and read all evening. Can you tell how much a party animal I am? Rawr!!

Just over 150 days with my fitness streak and I will hit 1,000 days. I might just make it. That would be so cool. I didn't think I would make it a year, or 500 days, or 750 days, but here I am, still going strong. Exercise has definitely become a habit for me. My only issue is that it is mostly cardio. I need to be more consistent with ST. I know I have said that a time or two (or twenty), but for some reason I am still struggling with the motivation to lift weights. I know lifting weights would be good for me, but I find it kind of boring. I do my walking and running outdoors, so the conditions and scenery are always changing. Lifting weights just seems like the same thing over and over. I need some ways to make it more entertaining or something.
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