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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I know I know I've been a little absent lately, life does that, doesn't it? Just been busy busy doing nothing. LOL

I got this part time job and I enjoy it. It's an administrative assistant to the manager of a thrift shop. What makes this job pretty cool is that Fieldhaven Feline is the owner of the shop. They are a place that my youngest and I volunteered for in rescuing cats, educating people on cats, assistance in Spay/Neuter etc etc. So now in this shop I help adopt out kitties and get to play with them as well as keep the store tidy and functional. It's only 20 hours a week (which so far, I've surpassed for December-to be expected) but just enough to have to come up with a new routine on those days. I will figure it out.

In ANY case that is why for this season's Biggest Loser Challenge, I went with Cats. I like to switch up the teams , meet new people, etc so it should be fun. We arent allowed to have cats in my house so my girls and I will now have the shop. and here. LOL

Pre-Challenge #1

The first pre-challenge assignment is to PREPARE! Get ready for the winter challenge by gathering/doing the following:
Scale (for you, and even your food if you like)
Exercise clothes out in the open (not hiding at the bottom of a closet or dresser drawer)
Shoes for exercising (no stilettos or cowboy boots)
Water Bottle (remember, us Cats are learning to LOVE water – Team goal of 8 glasses per day)
Pedometer ( to help us count those 10,000+ steps we should take each day)
Heart rate monitor (remember, unless our kitty cat ticker is working hard, we are hardly working on reducing calories)
Clean off your exercise equipment (I know, where else are you going to hang your laundry)
Find/purchase workout DVDs – aerobic dance, zumba, biggest loser, walk the pounds away

Now you are ready to answer some questions posed by Kaliswalker on the community board:

What will you do for exercise?

** As I've mentioned in previous blogs, I will FINISH my C25 and DVDs. I will complete the Hip Hop Abs (it was going to be Slim Series but I'm ordering Keep it Up first). I will also, with my girls attempt that scary gym for some weights. Gymtimidation for sure.

How will you eat; by a specified diet or sticking to spark nutrition? Set your boundaries!
Decide on what food plan you will stick to - Spark, South Beach, Weight Watchers, American Heart Association, Diabetes Diet, Dr. Oz, Mayo, Mediterranean Diet, USDA Diet or whatever else you choose. Browse on line or at the library for new recipes. Know what you will commit to for 8 weeks of the challenge and have your fridge and pantry stocked with what you need. Find the measuring cups and food scale and have them handy. Go through the kitchen and throw out the junk food. If it’s not in the house you won’t eat it.

**I'm not going through the kitchen because I have FOUR other people who eat FOUR other ways. BUT I will do the Happy Herbivore meal plans. I feel better on it so far. The only way I will stray from it is my three cups of morning coffee which I intend to burn off with the jogging. I also plan on only water until I hit at LEAST 165. Although sometimes I wonder if I'll ever hit 169. LOL**

How will you connect/commit to the Cats team?
Commit yourself to connecting with your team and taking on the challenge in a way that will make you proud of your contribution, which is doing YOUR best regardless of where you are starting out from. Interact with your team mates on the Discussion Board and ask for support when you feel your resolve wavering. Visit team members’ pages, read and comment on team members’ blogs, write blogs or do vlogs. To have a friend be a friend, and let your team mates know you care how they are doing.

**of course**

What is your 5% Challenge Commitment?
On your Spark Page write up your winterl 5% Challenge Commitment. (Use the information you answered with above) How much and how often will you exercise? What diet will you follow? How will you support your team? Also, while you are there update your sparkpage with fresh colors, pictures, and accurate information! This will help your teammates get to know you.

**redundant question, already answered**


well, alrightie then! Let's do this. Team Tangerine! Team Cats! Hip Hop and all thats!

If I can't eat myself thin or exercise myself thin, maybe I can spread myself thin.


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