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New Year Intentions

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hello all you beautiful Sparkers! I wasn't able to mentally keep up on all my Sparking over the holidays, but all thing considered it went pretty well. My daughter had an awesome birthday party. Christmas was ok, I wish I had thought of more things to get her. She seemed a bit let down, but presented a pretty good attitude. She at a transition age, not quite a teen ager, not really a kid. She wanted more toys, lol. So hard.

So I didnt keep on track too well either tracking wise and the exercise fell off to 1x week (maybe) over the 3 weeks, but Im back now and have been getting in my C25K a few times and got the WII Zumba program and its pretty good. Its something I can do with my daughter so thats a plus.

I have also been thinking alot about nutrition and have been trying to get more protein. I signed up with this online trainer website (i havent bought anything, just the freebies) but pretty good information. I am by no means under any delusion that I will transform myself into a bodybuilder in this lifetime, but if I can get some directions for improvement I call it a WIN.

I also redid my goal board on the start page today. I have not been on the site in weeks really, except brief pops in. I dont care to be on the computer at home where I feel like my husband is watching over my shoulder. I have the SP APP on my fancy new phone, so I started using that and I like it BETTER for tracking. Its too bad more of the site cant be included. Iv kinda looked in on the site on my iphone but the screen is too small and its really a pain to navigate. I was trying to sign up for the Done Girls Challenge but it was just too difficult. I will pop over there and see if I still can. I didnt check in on the last week of the last challenge, totally forgot as I think it was the week of Christmas? Too crazy in my head.

Anyhow, I hope to have a bit more time to check in on my Done Girls and all my other FABULOUS SparkGirls who are ready to rock 2014. Thanks for reading my blog emoticon Daphne
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