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Fatloser Day Eleven: Replacing

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Siebold builds on Day Ten (erasing and replacing old beliefs) but offering some provisional new beliefs. Some how-tos with respect to "replacing".

Simple, right? Even if not easy. (And he knows it's not easy: he acknowledges that he himself relapses into "old beliefs" from time to time.).

And yet he knows that the majority of people watching this video series won't do it.

Why not? The power of old habits, deeply engrained from childhood. The power of old beliefs, operating from a fear-based and scarcity-based mindset.

There has to "be a catch". And he gives the example of persons who take his (equally free) series on public speaking, followed up by an (equally free) one-on-one consult. Whose first question is, "What's the catch?"

We can reprogram our unconscious minds, the "robot minds", by erasing and replacing these old beliefs. He tells us that when the "robot mind" is reconditioned with new beliefs and the conscious mind is trained in critical thinking, success is almost guaranteed.

Success in weight loss? More than that, success in every area of our lives. Big big claims. But when we use self talk on our unconscious minds and critical thinking so that our actions become congruent with our new beliefs . . . we will achieve success.

He recommends that we write down on index cards these scripts (and he knows that most of us, even at day 11, won't do it!):

1. I have the ability to handle anything that life throws at me.
2. The universe is conspiring to help me get everything I want.
3. I can achieve anything I focus on with persistence.

Read 'em over. Repeat 'em. Belief and action will follow. And change. And success.

There are mental toughness tools to change every area of our lives -- provided we fight back against feelings of victimhood and self pity.

That new life is "going to be glorious"!

As for me? I've got my index cards.

And gotta say (although Steve Siebold himself does not): that mindset of scarcity seems to me intimately connected to overeating and obesity. Sort of like, "If I don't gobble this up right now, maybe it won't be available later!!" It will. Our problem is by and large too many choices, too many opportunities to eat fast food and take in nutrition-free calories.
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  • NANCY-
    Our beliefs are powerful. Changing them takes time and repetition. Love your summary.
    1497 days ago
    The "mindset of scarcity seems to me intimately connected to overeating and obesity."
    I agree. If we think there will be more to come whenever we want it, there isn't the need to grab and gobble so much right now.
    If we feel our diet is making our favorite foods scarce (which it does) that can play into our feelings of being the deprived victim.
    1497 days ago
  • KANOE10
    I appreciate you taking the tint to give us summaries. They are excellent. I like all three of those statements, especially I can achieve anything I want with persistence.

    emoticon emoticon
    1498 days ago
    I love your summaries. By the end of the day, it takes effort for me to remember the morning's lesson. Yours and Barb's blogs reinforce what I learned in the morning and helps me see how I applied it during the day.
    1498 days ago
    Just want you to know I read your blog and wish you well. No real comment today. Appreciate all your support, even when I'm being kind of contrary! That's a real SparkFriend.
    1498 days ago
    1498 days ago
    Keep it up! Enjoying Seibold myself but more so because I've found two or three Sparkers like you who are blogging! Thanks for Sparking!
    1498 days ago
    Well, not index cards, but the last part has gone into my motivation document on my computer, and it's printed out and on my desk now. Much needed at this moment.
    1498 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/14/2014 9:15:54 PM
  • _LINDA
    I grew having to defend my plate from my older sister who would snatch food off my plate. The bad habits of eating fast and wanting more followed.
    Right now, I take issue with number two mantra. More like the universe is conspiring to see how many more challenges I can take :-P
    Definitely need to exorcise those old overeating demons. Require mental toughness in all areas of life..
    Really enjoying your words of wisdom on this series..
    1498 days ago
    emoticon Blog. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1498 days ago
    1498 days ago
    Thanks for your blog! I do like his perspective of the universe conspiring to help succeed! TRUE!
    1499 days ago
    "that mindset of scarcity seems to me intimately connected to overeating and obesity. Sort of like, "If I don't gobble this up right now, maybe it won't be available later!!""

    This is EXACTLY what my inner voice so often screams. I'm finding ways to be listening to other things when it throws its tantrums.
    1499 days ago
    I love the idea that the Universe (or God) is conspiring to help me get everything I need. I use the word "need" rather than want. I want to be able to eat junk food all day long and stay healthy, but that's not what I need. I also appy (or try anyhow) this philosophy to things other than food. I don't need 30 pairs of shoes. I don't need 18 rolls of paper towels. My husband has a "back up" for everything he owns, but that's not my style.
    1499 days ago
    Congratulations on day 11! I'm really proud of you!
    emoticon emoticon
    1499 days ago
    I got my cards with a slight modification:
    I can do all things through Jesus Christ who gives me strength to:

    1. Handle anything that life throws at me.
    2. Resist the ways of the world that conspire against me.
    3. Achieve anything I focus on with persistence and trust.

    1499 days ago
    "If I don't gobble this up right now, maybe it won't be available later!!" ...
    Very interesting and awesome insight on your part! I found that pops in my head when I am travelling somewhere! I get worried that the airport won't have foods I can eat and that we wont have food on the plane. It isn't like I am going to starve to death! I think it may go all the way back to girl scouts. Sometimes that "Be prepared" motto still is too bright!
    Anyway, knowing that you do that should help you break the cycle.
    Stay tough!!
    1499 days ago
    Cards made!
    1499 days ago
    Hand in glove fit with my morning meditative mantras!

    Great strategies!

    1499 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949

    Reference last paragraph of your blog -

    Many years ago when I read "Compulsive Overeating," this was addressed. It was suggested that one take one or two trigger foods and stock up and eat as much as one wanted. I admit I made myself very sick on peanut M&M's and Blue Bell Chocolate Mint ice cream and at the time didn't want to indulge in either ever again. The exercise was to stress that there was always more at the grocery store so it wasn't necessary to gorge on huge amounts at one setting. Sadly I just moved on to Hershey's Hugs with almonds due to sugar addiction on top of emotional eating issues.

    Didn't have that much-needed mental toughness to make food choices from logical thinking instead of emotional thinking.


    I experienced a paradigm shift yesterday where I felt grateful that the commitment to 100% compliance coupled with my multiple food allergies, made my choices simple and I didn't have to fret over what I can't have. The frig and pantry are well stocked with items that are organic and nutrient-dense, giving me variety depending upon what I am in the mood to eat.

    1499 days ago
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