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Monday's Writing Diet & 100 Days of Weight Loss

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Writing Diet's topics are "Affirmations" and "Live and Let Live"

On Affirmations, it is a strong positive statement that something is already so! To some an affirmation is a positive statement of belief that may sound a little too positive to our skeptical selves.
It can be difficult to think and speak affirmatively about our weight. The moment we tell ourselves something positive (affirmative) about our weight, we are met with disbelief from our own subconscious.
In working with affirmations, we are working with the power of our subconscious. We are seeking agreement between our conscious and subconscious selves. We strive to be positive and when the negatives emerge, we must uproot them like weeds from our gardens. Affirmations work like a razor blade, we eject the negative and focus on the positive. Affirmations use spiritual law ask, believe and receive. If we are resistant to them it may help to write out "My resistance to using affirmations is."

Exercise-Write out an affirmation that reflects your personal fitness ideal. Write your affirmation five times and listen to your subconscious for resistance. Convert your negatives to positive thinking.

In Live and Let Live, many of us are waiting to live until (Fill in the blank) we get thinner, have a better job, have a spouse...We postpone the adventure of living and then wonder why we are depressed, alone and miserable.
There is nothing like adventure and activity to raise your sense of self-worth. Positive dreams is a trait many of us lack. Much to your dismay you may be thinking others are out living their life and you are on the sidelines envious of that fact. You are envious of being thinner, the fun others are having, the intimacy others seem to be enjoying.

Exercise-Journal about different things you can do, adventures you can take. Select the one that sounds the most enticing to you, execute the adventure~

100 Days of Weight Loss Day 13 "Oops I Forgot to Eat"

Skipping meals may seem like an easy way to lose weight, but it rarely works because your body outsmarts your plan. Whenever you go a long while without eating your body stores calories for future use. It could be one of the reasons you lose energy or have an energy slump.
You can't save up calories by eating a smaller breakfast, skipping lunch and then eating a bigger dinner just as you can't get by on one meal a day since your body knows what you are doing. Your body eventually will adapt to the higher or lower calories that it refuses to lose weight.
Don't skip meals and you can head off many issues or problems, eat your three meals a day at the minimum and 2 snacks to keep your blood levels steady!

-Write down the times of day when you plan to eat your meals and snacks!
(130-2am Brkfst; 5am snack, 2pm lunch, 6pm dinner, 930pm snack)
-Make an effort to eat within 30 minutes of your scheduled meal times. At the end of the day, review and see how well you did.
-If you tend to skip meals or forget to eat, set an alarm to remind yourself to eat!

Today we had sun and pretty warm weather, it almost isn't like winter according to the forecasters. Our temps are above average and I'm okay with that even if we could stand to get some rain. Last night I went with my parents and Paolo to get pizza and salad. The only bad thing I did over there was have soda with my meal, I should of had diet if I was going to do that. Their tea was mango (Blech, I can't do it, horrible, too sweet.) drinking water with salad and pizza is a no go either. I gave myself 200 cals I didn't need but otherwise I did fine.
First was an antipasto salad with spinach and I picked out the ham and pepperoncini but I liked the salad since it had olives, mushroom, just a little cheese, peppers, carrots, tomato and red onion. The dressing was homemade Italian. I usually avoid Italian because it tastes so wrong out of the bottle, I make my own Ranch these days.
The pizza was as always very nice and we had some to take home. My mom doesn't like pizza so she had a meatball sandwich which she adored but she ate a lot of salad. Paolo fancies himself a pizza fanatic and he loves the Pittsburgh style pizza, we don't get pizza from anywhere else anymore. It had been a while to have pizza but I was moderate with the pizza and had a good portion of salad.

In terms of taking the weekend off from exercise and most tasks it was a great idea. I was fine to get back to my exercise today though. I have over 13K steps so I am happy enough. Tomorrow I'll get my 15K+ again and get going properly. Friday night I had a bloody nose! (gross I know it) Anywhere I have ever lived I get them mostly in the winter, you can imagine why. It kind of carries over for a day or two so I decided just to be on the safe side and go easy. Friday I had done over 25K steps and I was sore on Saturday so that made the choice easier as well. I try and keep in tune with my body so I know what is going on and what I need to do and it was time for a few days rest in a row. Plus trying to get in my exercise with all that football going on was pretty hard to do. Saturday football is over though since the Championships are both Sunday and then a week off (Pro Bowl, meh) and then The Super Bowl the first weekend of February and then its over until August.

Good news another picture post tomorrow but I'll let it be a surprise. I need Hot Chocolate or Tea right now, have a good night and a proper rest~
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    Standing Ovation for you !! emoticon yes positive affirmations are key to many successes in Life - Louise L. Hay book - You can Heal Life ! Wonderful affirmations ! emoticon
    1528 days ago
    I am so aggressively against positive thinking books and speakers. The mind is the most powerful force in the universe! It is not to be treated like a pet and coaxed into submission. When people do that the you-know-what hits the fan. Of course then most simply blame it on someone else or circumstances, or even God.

    1528 days ago
    Glad that you are listening to your body, and resting when you need to. emoticon
    I don't know what Pittsburgh style pizza is.
    1528 days ago
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