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Monday, January 13, 2014

Overweight through childhood and teens. Lost weight using WW with Mom. She cooked all those recipes so it was easier than if I was cooking for myself. Lost 89 lbs. in a year. It stayed off mostly for a good 10 years. Even at goal weight I was not satisfied with my body. In a way I looked too thin but I felt my hips were big . Eventually I gained some back and lost over 60 lbs. again with WW. By then I was married and teaching full time. The job was very stressful. I was prone to depression but at the time that was not treated efficiently. Stress and fatigue (most likely fibromyalgia) lead to gaining lots of weight. Eventually I gave up trying to eat right. Once gained 40 lbs in 6 months when depression meds were prescribed. The meds took away all ambition to lose weight. Swimming was my exercise and also I pushed myself to walk, bike ride, use weight machines, etc. I really did lots of exercise but it was not at all easy for me and never felt good. Lots of counseling, 12 step meetings of various kinds, Learning to cope and to express my feelings without whining. Very poor self esteem and that made teaching teenagers quite difficult. Weight went up and pregnancy made it go up more. It took many years before I could even face any attempts to control my food. Somehow I continued working full time. Exercise was always part of my life. I sure did not look like I did any exercise, but I did.
Lots in fact. I finally started controlling my food and lost 10 lbs a year for 4 years straight. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Well, then hubby had a major stroke and became totally dependent on me. Neither family lived close. Continued teaching and caregiving. Forced to learn to set up the house for DH. Moved to a condo from a huge house. Had some help from teaching friends. Without them I could not have sold the house and buy a place and get moved. I can't believe I lived through that!

So losing weight and exercising went by the wayside for a few years. Now, again, I feel I am making progress. With SP I am keeping off about 24 lbs. I can't wait to get below 250. I almost made it a few times but things happened and the weight went up again. I am again about 253.

I am struggling to eat lots of veggies. The fuhrman plan seems good for me. But it is very strict. i love dairy foods. Also the No S Plan seems good for me (no Snacks, no Seconds, no Sweets except for "S" days like Sat. and Sun. and "special" days. And YOU ON A DIET is very helpful to me. Exercise is water aerobics. I love exercising in the water. My body hurts too much for land exercises. Even walking is not fun because of the body pain.

So that's the story. I just keep plugging away. Hope I can get to a normal weight before I am 80. That would be nice. I am fairly comfortable (finally) in my skin, no matter what weight I am. I don't care so much about that any more. Health, less fatigue, and definitely less pain are my driving goals.

Sparking is a daily important activity for me. You folks help me so much! I can't imagine being alone again in this journey. Even before I found SP I used several websites similar to this. None , of course, had everything like SP has.

So that's it. Never give up. Do the best you can.

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