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How Am I Doing With My 2014 Goals?

Monday, January 13, 2014

January is close to half over, and I will shortly be busier with BLC24 goals, so I thought I would look at my progress on my self-proclaimed 2014 goals, which were

1. I will return to the 150s. I am not sure 150 is the best for me; 155 may be more do-able. I have recently discovered that I enjoy yoga stretching and stretching in general. I also continue walking and resistance band workouts. I will do the resistance bands workouts twice per week.
2. I will continue to reuse/recycle. I still have more yarn and fabric from past projects.
3. I will finish the Christmas quilt that I mentioned earlier. I believe it will be the right size to use on our bed in the Christmas 2014 season. I will still have two to make, but I need to start with one.
4. I will log freggies and water. This seems harder since the Start page has been re-designed, but I have already begun a January 2014 log that is on my fridge.
5. I will pay off a credit card. I have a plan in place to do this already. I will have this done prior to December 2014, but it may be that it may be done by June 2014.


So how am I doing, now that 2014 is almost 1/24th done?

Returning to the 150s? I am on my way. I am tracking better and I am making an effort to get all of my fitness minutes in weekly. I even keep track via my status updates on the fitness minutes. My friends may get tired of seeing them, but it seems to help me keep on track better. I am incorporating yoga stretching daily, and I enjoy that. I believe it helps my mental outlook as well. I re-did my "other goals" to include resistance bands at least 2x per week.

Reuse/recycle? I completed a children's cap with yarn I already had and I organized a storage box to hold other caps as I make them this year. I am using fabric I have had for many years to make purse organizers that I am endeavoring to sell; I am trying to make a couple per week on average. I am also making a couple of necklaces per week out of ribbon/ladder/trellis yarn that I already have - again for gifts or to sell.

Christmas quilt? I purchased the backing material last week and I already have the batting. I plan to have it quilted at a local quilt store or by a friend at the same time that a simple quilt is done that I am making for DS and DIL in their wedding colors.

Logging freggies and water? My list on the fridge has helped tremendously. I have had 5 or more freggies every day but two, and water has been 10 cups or more. [One should be careful with too much water with certain illnesses, so be careful!]

Pay off a credit card? I have made the January payments. I had a change in my job situation, so I may not make the earlier date, but I do plan to have one paid off my December 2014.
I always make at least the "to pay it off in three years" amount, and try to do more.

So I am making progress! emoticon
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