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Monday, January 13, 2014

Thoughts and beliefs, that is...

I know how I should eat, but I just can't resist a good ____....

I know all the wonderful benefits of exercise, but I just can't get up off this couch....


Steve Siebold has written a myriad of books on training minds to think better thoughts in order form a belief system to will propel us toward achieving our goals in life. Another Sparker in her blog Erasing and Replacing, listed the following as some of his prescriptions that could benefit us:

The key message here? We don't even have to believe the new beliefs at first. Repeating the new beliefs, the ones that serve us better, will change our actions, and when our actions change, we'll get different results. And then we will believe those new beliefs. (Yup, diets are linear but erasing and replacing beliefs is circular).

OK, in the realm of weight loss, what new beliefs will serve us better?

Siebold suggests three, just to get us started:

1. I eat for health and not for pleasure.

2. I always stay 100% compliant.

3. I love to exercise because it makes me feel good.

Repeat the new beliefs, he says. Keep repeating 'em until you believe 'em, until your actions change, until you see the results of the new actions: and then you'll believe 'em.

Amazon.com has his books if you want more. But what I think we need to do is just keep repeating the above affirmations as we eat only what we know is good for our plan and do our exercise. I can remember when it bothered me like everything if I missed a workout. But I fell off the wagon, and now the couch just feels so good, and going off my eating plan is regarded as a TREAT. Enough already! I'm going to try Siebold's beliefs. Are you with me?

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