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Ok, enough dilly dalli, back to the grind! 100 Days, Writing Diet

Monday, January 13, 2014

I pretty much needed a rest this weekend from the being on point from everything so I took a few days rest, every six months or so I need to relax and not worry about keeping track of everything; being good with all my tasks so that was the deal. I had some issues as well but decided okay let me take a break from everything-exercise, housework, being disciplined and all that, I recommend it! I'll be back at my regular discipline tomorrow~

100 Days of Weight Loss: Days 10-12!

Day 10 is "Appreciating Good Support!"

So getting support involves give and take, when people give you good solid support let them know you appreciate it. Take time to share some of the stories about your progression. Remind people what they can see is only a small part of the plan and its not just about numbers on the scale!

We should learn to practice the art of receiving praise and compliments a little more graciously. When you react to compliments in a negative way it has people feeling their support doesn't mean anything to you. Don't minimise their words by responding in a negative manner, if all you can say is thank you that is a lot more gracious than adding something like a "but" to it. (Example, someone compliments you on losing weight and you say thank you, BUT, I have a long way to go.")

Avoid set up questions to people such as "Does this dress make me look fat?" or "Can you tell if I have lost any weight?" If you feel insecure or are working on your self-esteem, focus on dealing with your issues instead of punishing your support team.

-Ask a friend to compliment you on anything from your weight loss, to a new hairstyle or your clothes!
-Come up with a response that affirms what the compliment giver said to you like "That made my day when you said my clothes look pretty, thank you."
-Record your favourite responses in your notebook!

Days 11-20 "Put Food in its Place"

Day 11 "Two Purposes of Food"

You can absolutely enjoy food and manage your weight! From now on plan to only eat for two reasons.
-To fuel your body
-To appreciate flavours

Measure your food intake against these guidelines and if you are not eating for these two reasons its likely you are emotionally eating. Focus on meeting your fuel needs a priority. Plan for 3 meals a day and 2 snacks in between. If you do this you likely won't overeat or have blood sugar spikes or drops.

-Each time you eat write down the time you ate, at the end of the day figure out how many times you ate.
-Plan ways to make sure your meals/snacks are 3-4 hours apart!
-Notice whether having regular meals/snacks during the day improves energy and your focus!

Day 12 "Fuel or Filler"

Look at the food you are eating and determine of they are fuel or filler type foods. Quality fuel provides nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Filler foods should be viewed as treats and not an everyday occurrence. The filler foods include extra calories like sweets, potato chips, fast food and snack foods. Filler foods drain energy so don't ask your body to run on this all the time.

Even with healthy food make sure you are getting in enough quality, like eating salad, make sure you don't go overboard with the dressing. Don't assume you will always be around healthy food so pack good food if you are traveling or are going to be on the road so you have good food to run your body with!

-Record the food you eat and rate it if the food is fuel or filler!
-At the end of the day determine how well your fuel needs were met.
-Decide if you need to replace some filler foods with healthy fuel!

The Writing Diet topics tonight are "Dessert" and "The Grace of God"


If you must have desserts you must find a way to include it in your eating plan! Using your journal to explore your feelings, many discover the feelings of loneliness and unlovability has a direct link to our cravings for sugar. It says I love you to yourself. As soon as you wean yourself from sugar withdrawal your temperament becomes more even. Sugar is a stimulant which often makes our emotions hair trigger.

After you detox off the sugar you have greater emotional authenticity, greater self expression, increased self-confidence and self-worth. Giving up sugar jump starts weight loss reduction.

For the exercise, devise 7 sugar free desserts, have one once a day!

"The Grace of God"

We may have faith in God, but we don't have faith that God can & will help us with our overeating. We don't believe in the power of grace and so we believe in our willpower. When our willpower fails us, we seldom think of turning to God for spiritual help.
Formally reach out to God in your journal entries and ask for help from the higher power. Reach out to God for help with the day at hand, get specific. Pray on the page to get help from God. As you pray you may find new power to resist cravings and eating badly.

The exercise is to try The Spiritual Solution, Journal and ask God for help with your weight issue. Be detailed and specific about how overeating makes you feel. Ask for guidance and grace. Ask for strength and courage. Ask for good humor as well~

Two more days of Writing Diet to go, yippee!!!!!

P.S. Some of it has been helpful but it does go on at points, I like things to the point most of the time.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Glad that you took some time "off" breaks are important . emoticon
    1530 days ago
    Sorry about your issues! Hope they are resolved. I think you need to start over, I missed some of the points....LOL! Just kidding! I am studying a 1881 page text book on hand rehab and I know how monotonous it can be. My frustration is all the contradictory claims in the book based on new research. I think they include all that to make me crazier!
    You have been awesome to share all this information and it's been very helpful. emoticon You are a very sweet person!
    Much of your information has been especially helpfu; to me for several reasons. I am trying to set my DD straight on her eating. I have had an eating disorder from the time I was 12. I made a point not to allow her to follow my path. I am open about sharing my experience now that she is older. My DH who is an MD recognized that about me the day we met. He has also made every effort to avoid her following my path. So how did I end up on SP if I have been anorexic. My anorexia was greatly altered when I married, gave birth and then took on all of life challenges. I still have the disordered thinking which I work on regularly. I tend to take a black and white approach and label foods bad and good, I live in fear of overeating and that keeps me from eating healthy. You end up with a calorie deficit which makes us eat more than intended. Sadly, I was probably healthier in my thinking when I was 38 lbs heavier, because I was trying to eat like a normal person. I did not let my anorexic ideas get in the way of my health. When I discovered SP I was beginning to use my typical starvation dieting apprach. Once I started using the trackers and adhering to their recommendations my life was forever changed. I learned I could have new foods, never eaten and not live in fear of turning into a pumpkin.
    Glad you are making it through your book and sorry for sharingTMI! We will make it through this journey together and thanks for being you! emoticon emoticon
    1531 days ago
  • DIANER2014
    Great blog! You can do it! emoticon
    1531 days ago
    I also like things short and sweet. My mentor Dr. Kenneth Wapnick wrote books that I love but gosh he goes on and on and on! LOL
    1531 days ago
    Now we're talking - God's just arrived in the picture - hallelujah! Everything is going to be OK now that He is here! I'm excited! I'm so excited I've forgotten what you wrote earlier in your blog! LOL
    1531 days ago
  • 144AUTUMN
    You can do it!!
    1531 days ago
  • KIMBERLY19732
    1531 days ago
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