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BLC 24 12 week plan

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I am so excited about this challenge and I feel poised to move forward. Since this challenge take us into spring, I decided to use SPRING to plan for it.

This is what I will do and I will refer to it often!

S Sip water and tea all day everyday- a minimum of 64 ounces
P Participate in the challenges and post frequently
R Relax, rest and recharge daily. Yoga classes or quiet time daily
I Carve out I or ME time to rest and SLEEP enough. Evaluate often.
N Note everything and track food and activity daily (Catch-up if I have to miss)
G Get moving. At least 4 cardio sessions and 2 strength each week plus YOGA.

In order to keep on to of this, I will take some I/me time each weekend to plan ahead and then a bit of time each evening to see where I am and recharge. Since cortisol has been a big issue for me, stepping back, saying no, and sleep will be my 3 S goals.

For my SIP goal, I plan to drink a glass of water before my first coffee and between all other beverages. For this season, I hope to use a lot of herb tea as well.

On the I/me time...I leave very little time for me to be successful. I teach 6 different classes with 180 students and I pride myself on giving my best. I also advise several clubs and people know that I usually say yes to whatever they need. However, I am working to set better limits on myself because my health and my future time with family is so important. I guess that I am trying to be a recovering workaholic and I plan to address that every day.
There is no reason for me not to give myself time to plan, to workout, and to sleep. I intend to make great strides in this area.

For my Note Everything Goal, I have rejoined weight watchers online. I hope to track a lot on spark as well, but minimally I will track on WW

For my Get Moving goal, I plan to do a spin class at least twice a week, I plan to get back to Zumba and try water Zumba, and I have added the 5K walk challenge. This I will do on the treadmill. Even though I would like to try the jog or run 5K, I want to see how my ankle responds. I also plan to return to dance outings with my husband (he promises that we will take it slow on my ankle which is much better than it was- but, not nearly strong enough to do everything I want).

I am looking forward to each day of this journey.

Rewards for making weekly goals-

I will carve out an hour on the weekend to either play with pictures and scrapbooks on the computer or play piano (2 things that I never get to) while enjoying a lit candle and a light latte. Just a dream hour!
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