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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Oh yes...I should say ....I am a person too..but making a slight point here.

Recently a good friend joined weight watchers after being on hiatus for 11 years. Kim and I have been diligent with our meetings and sharing with our friend Dot. It was hard to explain simplestart to her and we encouraged her to join to see for herself and get the much needed materials. Visuals are so least for me they are! The plan is so well put together.....including pictures off ALL meals.....swaps....and to boot...a grocery list...all so handy!

Yesterday was Dot's first weigh in. Kim and I were so impatient to hear her results! I think we were more excited for her than she was! LOL! We kept texting back and forth. WHERE IS SHE?

I kept checking my phone on FB to see if she had posted yet. She sure was taking her sweet time!


Our friend lost ......4.3!!!

Naturally we were THRILLED.....PROUD.....HAPPY for her!

Then Kim brought forth a nagging question that I too wondered.....


You see......Kim and I are in the same place right now. We know what to do...and we go in spurts on doing well.

January is a time to be GUNG HO.....and I am personally not feeling it.

I feel it for others. I mean.....Kim and I cheered Dot on the whole way! THE WHOLE way! We encouraged her....gave her advice.........

and yet....we don't take on our own advice.

We always want PEOPLE to do well.......we do........




Then......I took a quiet moment for myself. When friends come to me....I always say......start back at the basics. Simple....pure...but true.

The food part...I can and have done...IF I plan accordingly and give nothing left to chance. Sometimes I truly beat myself up with a go over board with my weeklies and then I wait to the following week to start fresh. It is a pattern I is a habit I need to CHANGE.

Simple start is that change.....I just need to embrace it and consider each day and not the WHOLE week with weeklies.

I can do that. I need to do that. I will do that.

STEPS.......I was really on a tear to get 10000 steps in per day. I don't FEEL like doing that anymore. I just don't. I feel tired. I feel overwhelmed. Winter has been a big factor into that thought process and lack of action. Ice storms....loss of power....and incidentally....we still have borrowed power since December 24th. Now we have tons of snow. This has hurt our business as you can imagine. My teeth....February is so close now....and that weighs so heavily on my mind. I am tired of the pain. I don't think I got over the news in December that the easiest tooth is going to be the worse tooth to deal with.

SO.......I haven't gotten in my steps.

Then.......a group I belong on.....the leader is also a weight watchers leader......has been posting every day.....what are YOU going to do today to improve your life? 30 MINUTES for the day.


WALKING. I could do walking. It is NOT 10000 steps...but it is STILL a 30 minute walk.

I can do that......I have been doing that.......

and you know what? I am PROUD of that. Only I was beating myself up for NOT getting in 10000 steps/day. I had the attitude that if I didn't get my TEN in....I wasn't going to do ANYTHING! LOL!

SO......for the time 30 minute walk....shall be considered a HEALTHY GUIDELINE for me to check off!

So this am......Kim...Dot.....have already started having FUN and teasing JABS with our program....our plan....and we are SHARING what we are doing. Yes...Dot is on a roll....BUT now...Kim and I ....BOTH are not only being cheerleaders for our friend.....but now...WE ARE PARTICIPATES!

See........WE ARE...I ARE...PEOPLE TOO!

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JAXMOMMY 1/12/2014 11:22PM

    Yes! You are people too! So easy to preach and less easy to practice what we preach! Why is it we can cheer peple on, give great advice and then not do the same for us? We need it as smuch as anyone else! So keep walking those 30 minutes, keep planning your daily meals, keep Sparking!

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MALAMI518 1/12/2014 4:11PM

    emoticon So much of this resonated with me. I wailed to my husband one day over Christmas break about exercise and eating right, "What if I just don't feel like doing this anymore? What if I'm just so tired?" I am back in a better place now and feeling much more ready to take it all on. I also am so much better about cheering a friend on and letting myself go or, worse, tearing myself down.

There was a quote on the back of a shirt at the Winter Whiteout yesterday, and I wish I could remember exactly how it went. The general idea was not to let knowing that you cannot do it all make you do nothing. I've spent to much of my life in the mode of doing nothing if I couldn't do it "right" or "all the way." Let's go out there and keep doing something!


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GRLTAZ 1/12/2014 4:05PM

    Mary, I liked your blog and am feeling the same way about the blah weather and not wanting to exercise.. I also did my 30 min walk today and I did 30 min on the bike yesterday but my heart is just not in it. Weight has stagnated but this too shall pass at some time. Let's just keep moving and maybe our (my) mood will get better. Thank you for blogging what I was thinking ( in part any way). TC

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CHALLENGER15 1/12/2014 3:50PM


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DEE797 1/12/2014 2:15PM

    I really liked your blog. I'm also able to cheer on friends and forget about myself. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your journey! emoticon

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HEARTOFCHRIST 1/12/2014 1:31PM

    I know the feeling of "if it doesn't count toward my 10,000 steps then it doesn't count" mentality. I have found myself tempted to not walk at all if I don't have my fitbit on because it doesn't count. The goal isn't' the fitbit, it's the health!

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PEGGYO 1/12/2014 12:50PM

    keep on!!!

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SIRIUS2014 1/12/2014 10:28AM

    Try something new to you. I love going to simple strength training when I get tired of walking. 20 minutes does wonders. One exercise at a time. Hugs.

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HAPPYSOUL91 1/12/2014 9:49AM

    Really enjoyed your blog. Baby steps when I don't wanna work the best for me

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HOLDINGMYOWN 1/12/2014 9:12AM

    emoticon AND I AM *PEOPLE* TOO! emoticon

YUP! We are all human~~ we love /we learn /we make mistakes!
It is what we do with the information from loving/learning/and making mistakes that will put us a CUT above the rest!

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