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ayyubs birthday and a rant,lol.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

today(yesturday 11th) was ayyubs birthday and as usual i make a small tea party for him just for family.it is normally us and my nephew who is 4 months older than ayyub.ayyub´s best friend had his birthday on the 9th but was celerbrating it on ayyubs birthday and ayyub wanted to go.not just because it is his best friend but also because they always celerbrate a big party going totally overboard as most people none muslim usually.i don´t mean anything racist by my remark just a statement of fact.my husband was brought up not celerbrateing his birthday at all.i myself being brought up catholic celerbrated big time even if the money wasn´t there for big presants we somehow always had a big party or that is at least how it seems in my memory.also us living in a european land where all the other kids in their class and thier friends all celerbrate we came up with a compromise of the little tea party.they still asjk every year if they can invite people(i think this is with the thought of presants the people will give them )and i always try to explain that in islam we don´t normally celerbrate birthdays so it is a tea party or none and their chice.you can guess they always pick the tea party.anyway back to the story.because ayyub wanted to go to his friends party which started at 3pm ti,, 6pm he decided he wanted his party at 12 noon.i told this too my sil and said ayyub has to leave at 14.50 to be at his friends house so we want to start the party on time and not to be late.she is in work but said her daughter ,my niece would bring him.just to make sure i phoned 11 to speak to my niece.she said she will bring him at around 13.30.i said we wanted to start early at 12 as ayyub was going out before 15.oo.she said ok she will be here 12.30 and can we wait till they come.i said ok no longer.12 45 came ,still no sign.so i phoned again.ayyub wanted to wait for them ghofran said they were on the way.13.15 came the sandwhichews were starting to wilt i phoned again saying the kids are hungry where are you.we will be there in 5-10 minutes.i said if you are not there then we will start without you.as you guess they weren´t there so the kids started .i said only eat abit so you can eat with nebras when he comes.14.10 they turned up.i asked ghofran who would be picking him up and when(i wanted to know if we should do the cake before ayyub went to his party or when he got back about 18.15 if they were still going to be here)she said her mom will pick up nebras at 17.00 so i said ok we will have to do the cake now.which we did but with them being late and haveing to rush to do the cake as they got here etc,there wasn´t the usual party mood.ayyub then went to his friends party.after ghofran had gone to her work i noticed that nebras hadn´t eaten much.he then said he had just been at mcdonald´s and had a meal.i was furious and tried not to show it.they were late coming while they had gone to mcdonalds to eat.we had waited for them amd then ended up eating in a rush etc.if they had been honest when i phoned to see where they were etc and ghofran had said they were eating a mcdonalds we wouldn´t have waited so long.they also new i was going to the trouble of making a party and that they would be eating here etc.nebras said his mother had left them the money for the mc donalds.on top of that it was gone 19.oo when my sil came to pick up nebras so we could have done the cake cutting later instead of rushing and with her not coming to pick them up the time she said i had to go out in the pouring rain with all the kids to pick up ayyub as it is dark at 18.00 if she had been on time she could have stayed with the kids so i could have gone alone to pick up ayyub.when i collared her about it though she just laughed.i couldn´t believ it i was so flabagasted ,no appologies or anything.what i am even more mad about is i let all the stress caused by it all get to me and i broke my streak of no diet coke which i have been on this year.i somhow felt i needed something stronger than water and as you all know i don´t drink alchol.so now i am infuriated with myself,lol.i know i can go back on my streak tomorrow again but this just shows me that i am not getting any better at controling my food and/or drink when i get emotional.anyway here are a few photos i didn´t take many as we didn´t have a party or such in the end.i didn´t tell lotfi about when he ask how the party went and if nebras showed up or not.guess he knows his sister well enough but it does hurt.

the food

the cake

a close up of the cake
and a photo of nebras(after he finally got here)ayyub and zakariya.(ayman is not in the photo as he took it,lol

the cake was made quickly on the morning of ayyubs birthday as i needed it ready for 12 which i thought was the start of the party´.i also hadn´t baked the cake the night before like i usually do as i was in alot of pain that day so wasn´t up to it.which brings me to hospital update again.still don´t know what that dr did to my knee but i do know it is still killing me lol.i have the MRT appointment on the 3rd of febuary and straight after will go and see the professor and he said he would let us know that day about which op and when so fingers crossed.take care and keep smiling and thanks for taking the time to read my blog and putting up with me ranting abit.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    If I get it correct, they lied to you right?

    My father in law's birthday was on 11th too.

    I just love all that you made. Cake really looks very cute. You need to share the recipe ! xoxo
    1462 days ago
    A late Happy Birthday wish to Ayyub! So sorry to hear what happened. That was really rude and inconsiderate. I can understand why you were so frustrated. I do love the pictures and everything looks so wonderful. What a cute turtle cake!!!

    Sending you extra hugs.. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1468 days ago
  • SAASHA17
    First of all...Hugs!!

    yeah people are like that...blech...ignore is the best thing..

    love that cake...as I always say..u r a rockstar mum...good going..and I do appreciate the small bday parties..I wud rather have a small party and take the kids to a shelter animal or human and make some donations...

    take care and hope ur surgery and all get resolved soon...hugs

    1468 days ago
  • MUSIC66
    A late happy birthday to ur son hope u get ur surgery date and find out which op on February third
    1468 days ago
    Karen the cake looks cute. It's unfortunate about the actions of your SIL.
    1469 days ago
    As they say, "Good manners cost nothing" and it was very rude to let them go to eat before getting to you late! Deep breath and let it wash over you. As for the diet coke, maybe don't have any in the house so you aren't tempted next time, but just remember we are none of us perfect and forgive yourself.
    Cake looked yummy lol

    Good luck at the hospital, you should know something very soon emoticon
    1470 days ago
  • GERRI4
    Some people just do not have manners - they were dragged up, not brought up emoticon

    But look on the bright side, you laid on a fantastic spread for Ayyub's birthday, with an awesome cake - my daughter now wants one like that for her birthday!
    And do you know what we are all human and wander off our path we should be on, but the main thing is is getting back onto our path. And I know you can emoticon emoticon
    1470 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    Happy Birthday, Ayub !
    Many Happy Returns !
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Looks like you had a nice party !
    1470 days ago
    Yes, emotional eating is very much like an addiction and hard not to go back to it in times of stress. It happens to all of us. Just get back on track tomorrow, all will be fine.

    I love love love the turtle cake! That is so cute! I can't wait to make that for my nephew. :)

    1470 days ago
    Glad to know he was able to have his party. I hate the miss communication that gives us stress and unnecessary emotional eating...
    emoticon emoticon
    1470 days ago
    Glad he had his party. I'd be upset too!
    1470 days ago
  • DEE797
    I am glad Ayyub was able to have his party and go to this best friend's as well. Sorry your SIL and niece behaved badly though. I loved your cake, you did a wonderful job on it. Your boys are growing up so fast. Do hope the doc visits go well for you…..Sending emoticon and emoticon your way.
    1470 days ago
  • JUDITH1654
    I'm sorry you were treated so inconsiderately. That isn't nice no matter who it is. But as usual, you did great on the cakes. I'm always flabbergasted how much you do with so much pain you have to constantly deal with.

    By the way, why do Muslims not celebrate birthdays? Just curious.
    1470 days ago
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