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Saturday, January 11, 2014

First of all, I am sick as a dog! Pretty sure I caught Husband's cold that he had for the entire first week of this year. I woke up yesterday morning with one of my nostrils so clogged that it felt like someone had their entire finger shoved up there. Throughout the day at school I just got progressively worse: sneezing, blowing my nose 10, of my kids said, "You have a funny sneeze!" She is correct.

I've been thinking about goals, and incentives to help me reach those goals. Of course I went and got myself sick, so I can't workout or anything right now (of COURSE. Never freakin' fails.) I think when I get out of the 200s, I will go get my nails done. That's my first incentive. When I get to other goals, I want to buy myself some nice jewelry, new clothes, take myself to a movie, etc.

I really should be working on observational notes but I just can't seem to focus my brain to anything right now.
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