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No snowboarding :( UBER WORKOUT!

Friday, January 10, 2014

So my snowboarding trip was cancelled. The girl who organized everything (and was the ride) got the flu really bad 2 days ago and was getting fevers throughout the night and this morning. And another girl had a bad day at the Dr w/ passing out after them taking blood. DRAMA!! Yes, i'm very sad.... but I figured this could happen when girl #1 called in sick 2 days in a row.

Now me and blood girl are planning to take a day off of work and to go a place 2 hours closer to home, and cheaper sometime next month. Our work vaca starts over in Feb- and we're both tapped out! I am taking a half day today anyway to do some shoe shopping and get workout gear!

I need a cool calendar for work, a nice waterbottle for the gym, and.... crap.. something else from Shopko. Then I have $140 to spend at Dick's sporting goods! My shoes will probably be $110, and the rest I will use for sports bra or some other fun workout thing. I might grab a small lunch before then... maybe a Panera sammich or small lunch from Noodles.

Maybe nothing at all because after that I am going to the gym. For like 3 hours. I'm going to have an experience with myself there. This week was terible! I spent every other day eating sh#tty and not working out. My commitment has become thin. I planned to burn like 2000 calories tomorrow boarding, so maybe i'll do that today and have a full body lifting day. We'll see. I want to burn 1200 calories. RAWR!!!!

Shopping and workout. Win! This weekend I should not drink, and I should eat on target every day. No excuses! I just need to remember that food isn't the main part of having a good time. Yes it's an event sometimes. But it shouldnt be. It should just be eating to survive and then on to other life things. If I get bored I need to do something, being bored is the biggest catalyst to binging and overeating, eating eating eating etc etc....fat fat so on!

I was up this morning from Monday, so this weekend is POWER weekend! time to get back into the 210's. Still can't believe I let myself get OUT of them. Stupid DB! WTF m8. All my cute clothes are tight- so I WONT be clothes shopping today lol. Im saving all my xmas gift cards for spring.

I'm not feeling sorry for myself today though. I'm not going to get down and make myself miserable and depressed for what's in the past. Every moment can be a moment for change. It's stopping to think about what I want. How I want to feel and look, and how that's going to be possible. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a marathon journey, not a rushed 5K. It's going to take WEEKS of monitoring what I eat. And as we all know it DOES get easier the longer you hang in there and stay committed. Then eating something bad just isn't worth the fall you'll take for it. It's not all or nothing, it's all and everything.

Always staying on top of yourself and your cravings. Everything that enters you should be helping your body in some way. And that includes the mind. So if you're sitting in front of the computer or TV and literally CANNOT focus on anything but the ice cream or chips in the kitchen. Then eat up. Then feel the guilt- understand it and move on. Do yoga, do 25 squats. Go for a 5 mile run! SOMETHING to take your mind off the guilt and negative self-talk and do something positive for yourself.

Okay- time for me to leave work. I need to keep myself pumped up for my mega workout to make up for 2 missed ones! Happy weekend everyone! Make yourself proud!

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JULS_MARIE 1/10/2014 5:02PM

    I'm glad you already have a plan in place for a redo since I know how much you were looking forward to this trip! You and I are so alike when it comes to food.. loose close the a hundo and we still have foodgasims..

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BONOLICIOUS2 1/10/2014 4:19PM

    Sorry about your cancelled trip, the flu is definitely making nasty rounds right now. Just be glad you are still on your two feet and healthy!

As for shopping/eating/etc... EVERYTHING IN MODERATION, right?!?!?!

Hav e a great weekend!

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FUNGIRL81005 1/10/2014 3:37PM

    Have an Amazing Weekend!! Sounds like a Wonderful Plan!! emoticon

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ARUNNINGKAT 1/10/2014 2:25PM

    Sorry about the snowboard trip! I know you were really looking forward to it. emoticon It sounds like you do have a great afternoon planned today though! Have fun shopping and working out! It is a special day when you can spend multiple hours at the gym and not feel pressure to get anywhere else!

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LOVELESMILLS 1/10/2014 1:05PM


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