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Friday, January 10, 2014

Good Morning All,
ITS FRIDAY!!! Good thing too, I am worn out from the week! I am in need of some good workout adive today! I have lost 53lbs since I started this crusade, and that is SUPER AWESOME...except, I am losing it everywhere by my big ole stomachs. I literally have 2 stomachs! My upper stomach stops at my waist, my waist is thinning nicely then my lower stomach. My family calls it the Sawyer Gut. My granddad Sawyer was an extremely large man from his waist to his thighs. He was definately pear shaped! Now that I have lost this weight everywhere else, I look pregnant & in my opinion, misproportioned & I HATE IT! Hubbs says all i need to do is crunches...I have been doing crunches and I can feel and see a slight difference in my upper stomach, but not my lower. In fact, either my lower is getting bigger, or my upper is getting smaller and it just makes my lower look bigger! IDK but I am tired of it!! So..What can I do? Any suggestions??

Second question?? My boobs are not getting any smaller either. I hate it! I have gone from a 46 to a 38 but I am still a back painful cup size H. Is there anything I can do to get those babies smaller & more firm without surgery??

Third & Final question?? I love fruit. When I get a sweet tooth, it is for fruit, not candy or cakes or what not. Fruit is super high in carbs. If I am primarily low carb, what is the best fruit to have? I realize that I can't go nuts, but is an apple or a clementine orange ok?? Everyday??

I hope everyone has a great day! daughters basketball team, the Lady Warriors, are now in the championship!! They have only lost 1 game this entire season & it was thier very first game. So Proud!!

So proud of these girls!!
Thanks Ya'll
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DOVESEYES 1/10/2014 7:56PM

    One of the exercises that helps me with waist and muscles is a emoticon Zumba one. If I can explain it that is .

1 Hold your arms up so your elbows are just below your shoulders( sort of don't shoot pose:),

take 2 steps to the right and twist your waist/hips to the right, moving your arms across your body to the left and then back the other way 2 steps...or 4.. do this about 5-6 times and increase slowly..over a couple of weeks

after a while you can really feel the muscles tighten in your waist /belly

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    Do the crunchless core workout video Coach Nicole has on here. That might do the trick!

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CORINNEP01 1/10/2014 2:53PM

no ma'am she does not!! I am 5'3 1/2, she is already 5'4 1/2. Her my husband played basketball in high school and he is almost 6'5. She gets it from him! LOL.. I am glad!

Thanks for the info ladies, I truely appriciate it.

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MADMIRANDA 1/10/2014 1:46PM

    You are doing amazingly but I can't add any more to what people have already said. The belly will go down over time the more weight you lose but I'm not sure about the boobs.
Your daughter shouldbe proud of herself and the team. Hope they do well. Lady warriors, does she get that from you? emoticon

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WOUBBIE 1/10/2014 12:51PM

    Yes, you can't spot lose fat anymore than you can spot gain it. By doing exercises in a particular area you ARE giving the under layer more definition and support, though, and that's a good thing, so keep it up!

Also, it will take a lot of time for your skin to catch up with the fat loss, so use moisturizer.

Stick with the losing, though. Abdominal fat is the dangerous kind!

The lowest impact fruits are berries. The sweeter the fruit and the less fiber it has the more it affects your blood sugar.

Good going!

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CHEETARA79 1/10/2014 10:32AM

    Unfortunately, you can't spot-reduce certain areas of your body through exercise. Fat loss happens wherever it happens. Full body strength training is great if you're not doing it already.

I have found that having supportive undergarments - like a good bra and girdle - can really helps smooth out my curves.

I'm not a low carb person but I have heard that berries are lower carb than other fruits.

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CORINNEP01 1/10/2014 9:50AM

    Really?? I am sure my daughter knows him or has seen him around! Thats awesome! emoticon

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MLKDUD 1/10/2014 9:36AM

    My husband teaches at Westover!!!

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