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Talked to my neurologist today

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Called my neurologist's office today. I wanted to mention the concussion while I asked if I can keep increasing the gabapentin now that the side effects have stabilized at 200mg 3x/day. Strangely, he and his nurse are the first people to care at all when I mention 'concussion symptoms'. Every other time I've had my head hit into something and had these symptoms no one believed me or cared. I've learned to just live with these types of symptoms for a few days/weeks until they go away or just fade in with the rest of my symptoms. Well, when I finally had a chance to talk to my doctor he wanted to talk about the concussion not the medication. Ugh. They're symptoms of a MILD concussion, not a severe concussion. Yes, if they get worse I'll go be seen by someone. If the symptoms become very serious I'll get to the ER. I know all that can be done is to let the body heal it on its own and there's no medications or treatments that can make it better. So I finally go him to stop with that and get onto the reason I wanted to talk to him: can we increase my meds? The side effects have gone down and I'm feeling more overall pain (and a heck of a lot of pain in my head) so I want to slowly increase it more. He said it was okay. Yay. But OMG it drives me crazy that no one has ever cared about these types of symptoms before, but suddenly they're important to talk about? But why does no one realize I am always going to have fainting/loss of consciousness issues because I've had them for nearly 20 years on and off, so let's put in the effort to give me a safe place to live so there's less chance of severely hitting my head when it would be days/weeks before anyone would even think to check on me to find if I did serious damage and didn't wake up instead of suddenly making a big deal of symptoms no one has ever believed or cared about in the past?

Yes, I'm really annoyed by this. And it bothers me more that it normally would because anger is my go-to emotion since I hit my head. But really, if it is such a big deal, wouldn't someone at some point in my life asked how many times I've had concussion symptoms before?

And now my throat is burning like I've swallowed acid. I haven't left my house since Friday afternoon and no one has been here, so how the heck am I getting sick? GRRRRR *headdesk*
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