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Week Two: Massage Day

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Today is another long day. My back was on fire from work. I was so happy today was massage therapy day. The massage therapist worked her magic on my back. Her massages are not feel good massages, they are work out the kinks and problem areas of my back. She has been my massage therapist for many years and knows how to fix me right up. Because of her I’m able to have a migraine free life. If it wasn’t for her, I would have migraines all the time from a car accident many years ago. She helped me and was my light when I was on workman’s comp.

I asked her if I would be able to do Aqua Zumba. She said yes but very lightly because if I do more it will undo everything she did. She explained the benefits of being in the pool after a massage. It was interesting to learn my back would benefit from it.

I informed my instructor and told her I had to take it easy. I sure did. It was so hard to do. I would get a little upset at it because I wanted to do a good workout or trying to really think about it since it is habit to get in a great workout. I didn’t like having to take it easy, but then I would shift my mind to the positive. I would tell myself, it’s okay, you had a healing massage and you could be home resting but instead you are here exercising lightly burning some calories. As I looked around the pool at the other members in class I noticed that their hard exercise is my easy exercise and it made me feel very good about myself and my workouts.

Earlier my instructor text me saying she noticed that when I’m working out my posture is great and I am going a wonderful job, that it looks so good and she wished others would do it too. I told her that my physical therapist has told me to work on a few things and I have been trying to apply it everywhere in my life, especially exercise. It was her comment that made me look around at the others in class. She told me after class, that whatever I am doing to keep doing it because it looks great even when taking it light. That was a nice compliment to hear.

It wasn’t the only compliment I had today. One of the teachers I work with told me she was so happy she had me on her team. That she finds my skills, knowledge, and experiences so important and refreshing. She has been telling me this every day this week. She also added today that she wants me to know all that I do is really appreciated and she doesn’t want me to every stop working with these children. It was so nice to hear and I thanked her. It’s really nice to have compliments everywhere I turn.

Just wondering, how many of you drink a cup of water first thing in the morning?

I know SP suggests we do this. I don’t. It isn’t because I’m a coffee drinker or juice or something like that. I am not a morning person and I know SP suggest exercise first thing in the morning. It isn’t possible for me. Let me explain.

I am naturally a night person so when that alarm goes off in the morning, it becomes a battle. I know many of you are thinking, you must not being getting enough sleep. It’s something I would think too. If I slept what my body truly wants me to sleep, it’s 10 hours of sleep. This is with and without my health plan. Before I started my health plan I would go to bed around 1(ish) AM. If I have it my way it’s around 4 AM but since I work I have to be to work at 7:30AM. Now I have been trying to go to bed at 11pm, which is hard for me but I try. It’s really hard for me especially since I get home at 9pm.

When that alarm clock goes off wait until last minute to get up. It isn’t a rush to get up but it’s a system I have down. I take the dog out, take a quick shower, get ready, fill my water bottle, eat a boiled egg, grab a yogurt and orange and snack for my AM snack (normally carrots, bell peppers, or cucumbers with hummus). I don’t drink a cup of water first thing in the morning but I do have the goal of drinking 4 (8oz) of water before 10AM. At the end of the day I drink about 9 to 10 cups of water.


Plans for tomorrow:
Deep water aerobics


Five things I'm grateful for:
1. Massage Therapy.
2. Aqua Zumba. I really do enjoy it.
3. People acknowledging my skills.
4. Shield. It’s a good show. I was able to watch it tonight. (online)
5. Access to good clean water to drink.
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    emoticon for sharing !
    1382 days ago
    I'm not a natural morning person, either. My natural rhythm would put me going to bed between 2-4a, and getting up between 11-2p. As it stands now, I try to be in bed by 10p (usually closer to 11), and am out of bed by 530a, now that I have to take the kids to the sitters before I go to work. When I was taking nutrition for my nursing degree, they taught us that you actually need about an ounce per kilogram, which is significantly more than 8, 8oz glasses a day: I shoot for 6, 24oz bottles to cover it, with a little extra for how dry it is up here. Often, I find myself still needing that 6th bottle as I head to bed, so I'll take a swig or 2 as I get up in the night to pee, change diapers, fill bottles, etc, then finish it off first thing when I get up, to have it gone by the time I'm out the door. My morning vitamins help since I have to get them washed down. Then I just fill it to start the new day's count on my way out the door!
    1382 days ago
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

    I am a morning person. I keep a water bottle by my bed and drink 16-20 oz. first thing in the morning before heading to the gym. We're all different though, so each one of us have to find what works for us.
    1383 days ago
  • DR1939
    The first thing I do in the morning is fill a glass with cold water and drink it while I am reading my email and sparking. That is followed by coffee which is followed by breakfast.
    1383 days ago
    1383 days ago
    I'm glad you had a positive day! Sounds like you're on an awesome path!
    1383 days ago
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