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"Virtue is its own reward."

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

...was claimed by Aristoteles... I donīt know about that. I feel like I get rewardes instantly as soon as I try to be a better person.

Iīve already written about last friday when I thought I was going to visit a refugee camp to socialize with the syrian refugees over a cup of coffee - and ended up in a feast with delicious arabian food!

Monday my humble interpretation of a good deed was that I knitted mittens for my sister that I will give her when I meet her saturday. I was out biking with doggy and then hardly left the house so there were not many opportuities.

Yesterday I decided to find out how to engage myself closer to home than the place I visited friday - these days many provisional refugee camps are established as the need from Syria is so big. And there is a camp only 20 km from where I live. I had heard the rumour that there was a camp there but it was not easy to get in contact. I googled the communes website - nothing, I phoned a friend that works with entrepreneurial projects in that commune - she knew nothing but referred me to the "integrationunit"... the person there told me it was the church that did the volunteer work and calling the parish and learned that they arrange meetings to train swedish - wednesdays at the refugee camp and fridays at the parish house.

The female refugees has asked for separate group so today I am going top exercise swedish with syrian women after lunch - I will combine it with an interview in the same town.

SO I was ready to count all that research as my good deed for yeasterday - when another opportunity showed up. A freight train derailed close to Stockholm, stopping all train traffic from my region - the guy that arranged the stand-up event I attended in december was trapped in "My" town and twittered cries for help - was anybody going to Stockholm willing to give him a ride too?

And - I am reluctant to admit this because it sounds a little crazy - I volunteered and drove him to Stockholm. I also admit that I lied - I donīt think he would have allowed me to do this if he had known that I was not going there at all - so I said I had business and he could come along...

Crazy - seven hours drive back and forth... but in retrospect I think it might have been the best spent 600 crowns (gas money, and he did offer to contribute)I invested this month. The conversation was brilliant - this guy is really intelligent and witty and have given things a lot of thought. He has a great philosophy about being nice and doing good and his learnings about how to run a business and how to take care of your trademark was invaluable. In the end he asked if I was interested in getting assignments that he could not accept, and as he is sort of famous this might be a better opening that many other marketing efforts.

But - I want to stress this - I did not do it to gain something - well thatīs a lie, I did it to gain heppiness as good deeds are part of my strategy. And I received more than I could have dreamt of. Even if this relation will not develope, I am still so happy about the knowledge and reflections he shared - as the feeling that I could give him something because I DO have some experience of my own...and the inspiration and energy boost it is to have a really good conversation!

Today I need to do some solid work for my paper beside the swedish trainng for the refugees.
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