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17 Reasons for...

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

...walking more this year:

I LOVED this article! Please, go read it... some of the '17 Reasons to Walk More This Year' surprised me!

I live in a culturally diverse community, and I love the influence this has on my life.

In the last few years, many Sikh families have settled in my neighbourhood. I see them every day.

Couples walk to the store together every day (just after they've walked their children to school) for their day's groceries. Their pace is rather brisk.

Around 10:00 am the women walk the neighbourhood in small groups in a beautifully vibrant rainbow of saris, chatting animatedly. There doesn't seem to be any hurry to get anywhere in particular.

2:00 pm sees the men in groups smaller than that of the women walking and conversing with great seriousness. The journey is obviously as much intellectual and spiritual as it is physical... maybe more-so.

Every evening families... from the very young to the very old... mom, dad, children, grandma and grandpa all walk together after supper (and some of those groups' members have already walked previously that day... some of them in every one of the groupings mentioned above). I don't know how long they walk, or how far. What I do notice is that they are engaged with each other... laughing, children dancing ahead and back again, people changing places so as to talk with a variety of group members in pairs. They look relaxed... happy... and not one of them is overweight.

Initially, I was startled every time I saw them... I wondered what the deal was... why were these people always walking around the neighbourhood? Didn't they have anything better to do? I felt sad that they had to walk to get their groceries e.v.e.r.y. day.

(Interesting what that says about my mindset, isn't it? I live in a culture where walking anywhere must have a purpose... and due to how spread out everything is, walking in the course of a day as part of accomplishing all that must be done is, at the very least, inconvenient, and time consuming.)

Then I started looking forward to seeing them... especially the women... oh how I enjoy their colours... like exotic birds in my otherwise mundane urban landscape.

I began fantasizing about being ready, in my vibrams, running out my front door as they come past, introducing myself and joining them. I'm not sure of my welcome (I'd hate to make them uncomfortable), so I keep my impulsiveness to myself.

...But now I think I will join them! I'll coinicidentally find myself walking at the same time... exchange pleasantries. Perhaps once we are used to seeing one another, conversation will follow... perhaps even friendship. I'd really like that.

Yet, even if none of that happens, it will still be a win-win for me because I'll be out walking (if there is anything my buttocks need, it's to be more engaged with the world, LOL)!

May today and every day bring to you a ridiculous abundance of whatever you need. May you find peace within and all around you. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith and desire... a desire which even itself issues from God. May all your concerns, struggles, anxieties and fears fall like ashes as you rise on eagle's wings, SOARING above all that would hinder you along this tremendous adventure of being and becoming all you are created to be. May you answer your call and use those gifts that you have received to pass on the love that has been given to you. May the presence of God settle into your bones and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love beyond your wildest imagination. May you be overwhelmed by the grace of God as it simply "overtakes" you moment by moment... rather than being overwhelmed by the cares of life!

{{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}

...Because the path is YOURS to forge!



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    Beautiful blog! I hope your introduction to your neighbors goes well! Thank you!
    990 days ago
    inspiring photos
    992 days ago
  • BERRY4
    Sometimes I just need the weather to cooperate a little... I know it isn't negative numbers outside here, but the pouring down rain just doesn't do it for me.
    Good article. Sent it to a walking buddy. -- Caused me to remember when I walked over 500 mi in 6 months (2006). The weight pretty much fell off. I was training to walk a marathon and that was way too CRAZY. During the marathon (not made to walk/jog for 6.5 HOURS!), I injured myself and was off cardio for 2 months, and then started a very stressful job, and the healthy activity gradually faded away in all the demands of life.
    I've taken to doing more walking with nordic poles. Feels safer on the rural roads.
    994 days ago
    Awesome blog!
    994 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    994 days ago
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